Other communities and modding


Living Necromonger
Yo Fable fans, it's your friendly neighborhood Furian here to ask about other communities.

I frequent the Reddit but tire of the repetition. Groundhog's day over there. Is there going to be a Fable 4? What's it gonna be like? Here's what I want it to be. Screenshots! Help me get my achievements.

All the time.

Here it's a lot less active. Better content, less people. The modding site is just dead.

I'm looking for talented individuals, people familiar with reverse engineering file formats and coding, know their way around spreadsheet software and data analysis, compression algorithms, today's graphics from technical standpoints, and creative problem solvers and critical thinkers.

I want to put together a team well ahead of the Fable 4 release date. I'd normally be looking for an online home too, but I've got one right here. :)

I know a lot of our members also hang out at other Fable fan sites. So if you know anyone who fits the bill, get them into Fable and send them my way.
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