[PC]How To Salvage corrupted/error save files


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Hi, I'm new here. So I don't really know if anyone have posted this,but I have google it for almost 2 hours and not finding any threads that solve this problem, but since I WON'T give up my 12+ hours of game file(in reality more like 32 hours of retry and save over) I keep experimenting with the save file. And btw MODS/No MODS/trainer doesn't matter coz the problem is in the game itself. it happens to me before when no mods/trainer.

Its EXTREMELY advised that U save the ENTIRE "C:\Documents and Settings\Arc Draconis\My Documents\My Games\Fable\Saves" (simply rar the whole folder) before U attempt to salvage your broken save file.

The problem is sometimes when U use Hero save your save file is not properly saved, more like a scripting glitch where the app try to save it as "World" save while its a "Hero" save. So its advice to double or triple save on different slots when U do a Hero save. Well for most of us that searching this thread its too late :'(. But no worries there might be hope yet.

First locate the save files which is in "C:\Documents and Settings\Arc Draconis\My Documents\My Games\Fable\Saves\Profile" and the profile is your profile name. then locate what slot your saving in. Manual - Save1 for slot 1 and so on, And autosave for auto save obviously. There are 3 tipes of files here. "Manual - Save1" (no file tipe) "Manual - Save1.hs" "Manual - Save1.qs". Assuming we want to salvage Save slot 1, We will use only the "Manual - Save1" and the "Manual - Save1.hs".

Well Here goes nothing.

~First rename the "Manual - Save1.hs" to "Manual - Save11.hs"(or any number of save slot U never/don't use anymore). Should your broken save file only has one file, thats it U're done :'(. Can't help U.

~then Open fable and load the save1(remember the save1 only left with "Manual - Save1" the *.hs file should already be renamed and not there) U might have to try several times if the error persist/exit games. If you succeded in loading then you will see emptiness. Nothing except worldmap. But dont worry just press Esc and save your file to an empty slot(here I use Save12).

~Load save12 and you will get an empty Character. No skill No Inventory. as again dont worry just save over slot 12 again.

~now alt+tab and rename "Manual - Save11.hs" to "Manual - Save12.hs" without closing your game. Load the save12 again. and it might exit game again if it is don't worry go to next step. if it's not then you did it. You get your char+skill back.

~Simply open fable again and load save1 and you will get your char back. But should you fail then repeat this. Load save12 SAVE save12 load save1 keep doing it even if you get exit game, just remember the step order and do the next step despite exit game..

~ If you get your Char back check it carefully then save to other slots preferably 3 different slots, just incase.


hope that help guys coz I hate to lose my save file and I know U too. From now on remember to BACK UP/Multi slot save. Coz u cant always be lucky.

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