Plate Armor Assassin Mask Mod


Living Necromonger

Took Keshire's pretty rad assassin's mask mod and converted it to be attached to the plate armors, allowing helmets to still be wearable. This mod replaces the plate armors, so you don't need to spawn them. Later on I may go more in-depth with this, drawing from more work done by veteran modders.


New modders and mod-users, I've included a readme. Please read it!
It took more time to write the readme than it took to make the mod.

Of course, if there's any issues with the mod, please let me know.

Dark Drakan

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Thats a great little mod and always amazes me when developers dont allow clothing to stack like that at launch.


Living Necromonger
In something like 20 years I've only seen clothes and armor layering and bundling in Morrowind, and I miss it. I'd be in the menu for a whole day just making sure I looked good, trying on clothes from everyone I killed to see if it looked alright with my armor. And asymmetrical pauldrons? Ya, entire days.

Fable isn't capable of that, coding thing, but there is some flex that I hope to explore a bit.