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I'll only write this storyline out if people here actually want to read it all the way through, so I'll post a quick summarized sample to see.

Stardancer is a werewolf who always loved song and dance. During the tribal gatherings before each full moon she would sing and dance all night long. Others in her tribe envied her for her voice and grace. She was skilled with a bow as well and hunted her fair share. Often times she would take care of the cubs and young kinsfolk(wolf blooded but not werewolf) for her tribe.

Stardancer suffered a terrible curse however that even the elder's could not handle. She saw visions of the apocalypse... the world ending each and every night. Her nights were restless, terrifying and horrifying. Over time she began to realize that the world was nearing it's end and that she could no longer sit and wait for it to come. Long ago, the werewolves waged a facist war to wipe out all other shapechangers. She felt the pain of those lost tribes, and to save Gaia she knew she had to unite the changing breeds. She took it upon herself to undo centuries of war, blood, and hatred. No easy task to be sure.

So she left her tribe, on a globe-trotting journey, a journey to stop the horrible visions she's had all her life.

If it's interesting to enough people I'll write an entire story based on that. If not, ah well I'll keep it to myself then =P


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Just waitin on a response from a friend. Was a character of his that was the villain and it was an rpg of his so I need to know where he planned to take the game first. I could start writing the beginnings of it though.


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This greatly intrigues me, write it.

I wish this logic worked for me. But any who I liked it, write more.
Yours is quite the length, so I'm waiting till later tonight to catch it without any distractions.