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Rules, we have them. Learn them, abide them, love them.

  • All posts must be made in English or include an English translation.
  • No trolling, harassing or insulting others, or otherwise behaving like a knob head.
  • Double-posting or reviving 'dead' topics is only allowed under very specific conditions. Use common sense to determine whether or not you have a legitimate reason to engage in either.
  • Refrain from excessive cursing and don't try and get around the swear filter.
  • Discussion of illegal activities such as file sharing, software and media piracy and intellectual property violations are a big no-no. This includes the sharing and exchanging of 'CD keys', 'cracks' and the like.
  • Do not post links to questionable websites - use common sense as to determine what we might consider inappropriate. Hint: If it contains anything to do with warez, pr0n, or anything offensive to our delicate senses, keep it to yourself.
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Not open for further replies.