The blue target thing in Driftwood.


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So on one of the islands theres a blue target like the one from under the brightwall academy. you have to hit it with your sword or such. but i cant reach it. anyone know what i should do?


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You have to finish all the Driftwood quests, helping Driftwood expand. I believe the last one is delivering a letter to a carpenter then leave and re-enter the region and there'll be a bridge made of wood to the platform.

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Sorry guys, but no. There are three parts to finishing Driftwood.
Finding and bringing the carpenter TO Driftwood is only step two.

After that, in Bowerstone Market, there is a quest called "Island Paradise".
There is a rich gambler wanting to start fresh in Driftwood, and he needs you to escort him there.

Once you have done that, go back to playing Fable as you would normally; When you see an achievement pop up on your screen saying "Island Paradise", you may return, and there will be a plank for you to reach it with. :)


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Hmm, well seeing as I haven't done the Island Paradise quest and I am able to go across to the island where the target is, I would have to say something is up there. I was able to cross to it and do the magic, gun target and sword hitting until it's on a rock and has a sword target on it. I cannot reach the target as its slightly above me. I have tried to go above and find a spot to vault, to no avail. I am on the island with the ruins, anyone know how to get to it? *edit* I have done all the other quests in Driftwood, just not the Debt quest.


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you have to do more quests. a bridge will be built once u get to the right spot in the game ( I forget when) I normaly go back there after I beat the game.