The Legend of Zelda: BOTW


Legendary Hero
Anyone else have this? I got it for Christmas with my Nintendo Switch. Only just started playing it right now because I wanted to wait until Scotty left, so I had something to distract myself. It was hard abstaining from it but the forbidden fruit is now all mine.

And what a tasted piece of fruit it is. Deee-licious. I've only play a couple hours so far but I can truly say it lives up to the hype. My only criticism is some of the voice acting - it's a little iffy at times. This is the English dub I'm talking about here. I'm considering switching to the Japanese one. Dunno, we'll see how it goes.

Other than that I have no issue so far. Even the addition of destructible weapons doesn't bother me as there's plenty of weapons at your disposal and they don't break that often. I love the world, I love the vibe and I love playing another Zelda again. ^_^


Legend of zelda
I also played this game but not for a long time because when i start playing that was difficult for me to understand the story of this game and how to play it so i leave to play but i like overall this game. I like the world, I like the Link and Zelda and I Like the Legend of Zelda Sword. Overall this is very nice game.