The Overberg Katana


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Wow. Now that is very, very cool. Makes me wish I knew how to mod Fable. ^_^ Great work, morerunes, and thanks for releasing this.


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Cool, I'd like to use it, but I'm missing Fable disc 1, but then again, my brother owes me like forty bucks, so I'll get him to buy it. And yes, I finally got my own computer, and just got my internet hooked up, and I'll be (99.9999999999999% Sure) here to stay, assuming my wireless router doesn't kick out on me.

P.S.... F*** YOU WII, AND YOUR F***ING TYPING!!!!!!!

That feels better...

P.P.S. I know this is a stupid spot to put this, but I didn't want to create a new thread just for this.


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cool ide give rep but i don't have any

Edit: It's sbackwards i hit with the blunt side instead of the sharp, i feel like kenshin now lol

Edit 2 : nvm just a wierd bug


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it looks cool,but how do i use it?should i copy the files or is there another way to use it?:unsure:
someone help me please... i am new in this kind of matter.


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Re: The Overberg Katana

im not sure but i think you need to use FE to spawn it in your inventory


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yo fablefan! stick with what you know, ok?
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i'll check out the pic tommorow