Theme Hospital (Classic)

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The other day I had some rare spare time and instead of playing through my usual backlog of games I fancied going for something retro. I remembered that I had a copy of the Bullfrog classic Theme Hospital I got on Origin on the house promotion some time ago. I spent hours that evening playing it and although its a little rough around the edges (expected for a 21 year old game) I really enjoyed it.

So I did a little research to see what fixes etc were available as there are a couple of annoyances on modern systems that could be ironed out and found that there is actually an open source version that you can get if you own a copy of the game with some really good updates, fixes & new features over the original. The cleaned up GFX, ability to change resolutions, unlimited save slots and ability to zoom in and out at will and change game speed is a godsend and makes it so much more playable by todays standards.

The game itself is currently 69p on GoG if anyone else is interested to fill the time before Two Point Hospital's release.

Full Instructions are in link below (article is from 2012 but Link at very bottom of my post is newest version with even more features)

Theme Hospital in HD is Glorious! Here’s How To Get It Working

Download CorsixTH 0.61 for windows (Website)