Theresa Is The Villain, Not Lucien (Theory)

Is Theresa The True Villain?

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Hey hey.

So I just replayed Fable 2 to take a trip down nostalgia lane and noticed some things that are leading me to believe Theresa is actually the villain.

I doubt I'm the first one to notice this as the clues are quite obvious, but I last played this game when I was a young teenager so I didn't notice.

I'll state this in chronological order.

First things first. Lucien's wife and daughter die, and for some reason he has enough knowledge of the old kingdom to start his mission to create a new kingdom from the Spire. I don't know how he found this information, but I'm going to assume Theresa fed it to him. If she didn't, she somehow found out he knew and capitalized on it.

When we start, Murgo the trader just so happens to be Bowerstone Old Town where the 4th potential hero just so happens to be. He just so happens to be selling a music box that grants wishes (unknowing to him) and Theresa just so happens to be there to convince them to buy and use the music box.

The music box activates and disappears. We only know of a few people who know that the 2 kids had the music box. The 2 kids themselves, Theresa, and Murgo (though again, he believes the music box is rubbish).

Lucien sends his men to find out about them using the music box. Meaning someone had to tell them. Murgo is possible but highly, highly, highly unlikely. (INB4 murgo is the main villain afterall lol All praise lord murgo for transcending the multiverse). The 2 kids obviously didn't, so that leaves Theresa.

Odd thing. Lucien mentions the 4th hero is the one that's supposedly the one that will stop him. How did he find this out? The only reason Lucien is stopped is because of Theresa's involvement by helping you defeat him. She's going to be acting as a double agent. On Lucien side's, and on your side. But really, she's just on her own side using the both of you to fulfill her agenda of obtaining the spire. If Theresa didn't interfere, the 4th hero would not have been a threat to him. It's as if she was priming him.

Once Lucien "kills" the 4th hero, Theresa is with his dog (who I'm using she used to find him), and then takes him away to help him heal up. Or rather, priming him to become her instrument for the events following.

Lucien leaves his position as king and begins construction on the Spire. We know at the end that Theresa wants the spire all for herself. So if she's using him to build it, all's going according to her plan so far.

The events of the abbot in oakfield dying (hammer's father) doesn't sit with me right. Theresa knew Hammer was the hero of strength... somehow. But how did Lucien know? Did Lucien and Therese figure it out the same way, or did Theresa find out and tell Lucien? Hammer's father dies, and all of a sudden she gives into her feelings to become a fighter. Now Theresa has won her over.

I think Lucien already knew Garth was a hero, which is why he invited him to his castle that day. I don't know if Theresa knew he was, but if we consider Lucien and Theresa were collaborating (thus sharing information), it seems likely that Lucien told Theresa. But again it could've been the other way around.

The shadow court. This might just be coincidental, I don't know how this would tie into the theory, but the middle judge has the same standing position as Theresa, or at least extremely identical.

Once you get Reaver on your side, which is the only hero we know of whom Theresa didn't seem to know the location of (as Hammer had to do some digging to find someone who MIGHT be him), all the heroes are successfully gathered in one location.

NOTE: Hammer mentions on the beach that "she was right, you would be here" or something like that. Theresa is that "she" I'm assuming. Correct me here as I'm not sure, but either Reaver found out you have a high price on your head and contacted Lucien (no idea how he would) or Theresa told Lucien, and Lucien contacted Reaver to "negotiate".

This leads me to believe Theresa is behind gathering the heroes for Lucien due to the next scene.

You all go to the guild cave (on top of it) and the ritual begins. Lucien just magically knows to come there and interrupt the process. I don't think he's omniscient, Theresa told him. And once he arrives, she disappears. And when Hammer asks what Lucien did with her, Lucien replies "I merely listened" or something like that.

At the end, she let's you be rewarded for your efforts using the Spire's wishing mechanism (odd how the music box is supposed to fulfill wishes, and the spire is too, and the music box is used to stop Lucien. It's as if she provided you the tool to stop him so he wouldn't have the Spire for himself) but then she tells you to basically feck off because the Spire is now hers.
Possible Motives

Theresa may have good motives, but her methods are evil which make a villain a villain. Lucien himself wasn't known to have malevolent intentions. He wanted this new kingdom to be a paradise from the way I understood it. But he methods of getting there are "evil".

But he was just a puppet villain, his strings pulled by Theresa. I honestly think she orchestrated his wife and daughters death to make him begin his mission. He's a king, if there's anyone who can rally up what's needed to complete such a major project (the Spire) it would be him.

I don't actually know why she'd manipulate the entire storyline to obtain the spire.

But in Fable 3, she makes her appearance to once again intervene with the storyline but it's hard to see where her selfish motives are. She obviously worked with Logan to some degree, but when you replace him you end up taking almost exactly the same route as him unless you bend the systems in your favor to get ridiculous amounts of money before the invasion. But keeping thing realistic, you gotta make some good and bad decisions all to prepare for the invasion. Exactly the thing Logan was doing but he wasn't taking any chances. He went full-oppression-mode to ensure he had more than enough funds to prepare. Which is quite a rational move.

I haven't played Fable 3 in a long time though so I won't go too deeply into it, but perhaps her motives are somewhere revealed in there.
End of Theory

What do you think? Is Theresa evil? An anti-hero serving selfish goals? An anti-hero serving collective goals, but we just don't know what goals are yet? Or... something else?

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There are quite a few theories out there and quite a few have said they believed her to be a villain or have only her own interests in mind. Some decent theories in your post too however.


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I beat Fable 2 recently, and I also notice these things. I've also played Fable Anniversary, and found out Theresa is your Fable hero's sister, the one from Fable 2 and 3.
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