Winters is Here


chicken chaser
Hello, hello, hello!

Um, wow, there's not much to say about myself that isn't already on my profile. Honestly, I enjoy the Fable series immensely. It's pretty much the reason why I wanted to get into the gaming industry. I'm a writer, I do art for a hobby now, and a gamer. Right now, I do a bit of free lancing while I'm in college.

I've lived in Virginia almost all of my life, and I'm just ready to spread my wings. I may not be the best at what I do, but I enjoy it enough to want to continue. If you're [somehow] interested, I can be found on Tumblr with the same username. I'm also more or less focused on posting my Fable centric writings on Jcink (when it's done it's done basis).

Other than that, I pretty much look forward to meeting all of you.