Your Dog's Name!

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lol good piont

i called one of the villagers Liz the lezbian, since she was lesbian XD and her first name was Liz :blink:


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R3kt4l Raid3r;299667 said:
You could always be the typical Fable Player who just wants to have fun and name him an obsene name like the Villagers. All of my Villagers are named Red Rocket, Britney Spears, and Billy Bob Jo. Couldn't hurt to name your dog like Poop Face or something. Just one of those random out of the box sort of deals.
There was some guy who kept following me around and saying all the Gay qoutes...I won't even say what I called him...:lol:


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I also called my dog 'Cerberus'... Also Diablo
And Guinefort for the good characters
Then the simple name, T-Rex


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I named my dog Lucius because he was turning gold, and the name just seemed to fit. Then I started to secretly murder people. Once her turned black, I named him Azani.


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Lunamoon;264544 said:
Luna after Luna-moon in Sailor moon I know its a cheesy anime but omg its just such a cute cat ^^

(and my cat irl is called Luna :wub:)
hehe, so is my cat,
anyway my dog had the most creative name, mr.woofles

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My dog was a pitbull at the time, or at least looked like one:blink:
and I named him after my pitbull Buford (B-eew-Ford)


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I called mine Porkchop..... like the dog from that cartoon "DOUG"