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Z-Day part 2

Discussion in 'Barrow Fields Art Gallery' started by Firis, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. Firis

    Firis Amateur Human Platinum Supporter Legendary Hero

    Z-Day part 2

    My second subject was in New York, It was a four hour drive so I grabbed a few mix CDs and some snacks. About halfway through the drive I stopped at a burger joint, on the news there was a broadcast that caught my eye, apparently a semi had driven into a ditch, when the police checked it out the driver was fine, but when they openned up the back there were Zombies, he was smuggling Zombies! Can you believe the idiots out there? Apparantly there is a new drug called Zedefix, its a mix of Heroine and Z blood, crazy. When I arrived at the hotel in New York I called my subject to tell him that I was thereand to schedule the appointment, we agreed on 12:00 PM the next day, so I slept, in the morning I got up at 10:00 AM and prepared for the interview, this man was a scientist so I thought I would look presentable. He arrived at 12:20 PM fashionably late, I let him in and I gave him some water and a cofee, and offered a dohnut, he took the drinks but denied the dohnut.Well lets begin I thought, "So your a scientist right?" "Yes," he replied, "I am a Biologist to be exact." "So I dont want to put you through the horror of repeating how you survived, so lets keep it simple... Do scientists know why the Z menace arose?" "Hmm..." he replied, "We onyl have a theory: It wa-" "This is just a theory mind you: It was because of radiation, toxic waste sinking into the earth and 'juiced' if you will the cells feeding on the corpses, these cells then entered the body and upon contact with the organs 'juiced' them as well. Thus causing the corpses to reanimate and seek nuruishment." "So they irradiated the remaining organs?" I asked, "Yes," he said "that is why only fresh corpses renaimated." "Sounds like a very plausable theory," I said, "so what drives them?" "Flesh," he replied, "they have a constant need to feed on flesh, yet no need to drink." what about ways to defeat them... permanantly "Severance of the spine or destruction of the brain are your best bets." "thank you, for this interview." I said "Wait, were done?" "Yes," I said "I am sorry but there is a page limit on my report as to not go into to much detail, it could cause panic." "I understand." he said, we shook and he left.

    part 3 will be up in a few days, this is quite a fun series XD

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