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  • Thanks, things will be alright.

    You're welcome, you weren't irritating me and it was difficult for me to find the latest Fable news so I thank you for that. I hope the walkthrough is helpful enough for you.
    Drakan will be registering you and Froggy on the front page sometime tomorrow, once finished either he or I will PM you your news publishing Logins. In the meantime I'll be currently writing up the walkthrough which shouldn't take too long, I couldn't get it done over the weekend due to work piling up and an unexpected death in the family.
    Same, I've spent the last year or so waiting for good games to come out, or waiting for the money to get good games. I'm waiting for AC 2.5, ME 3 and Fable III.

    I may or may not depending on what kind of reviews it gets. They would have to be pretty good reviews though.
    Yeah, I'll make one over the weekend because I'm getting ready to go to bed. Just need you to send me a PM of what you want your Username & Password to be for the front page, and Drakan or Steve will register you (bards can't register themselves for some odd reason).
    Alright, I'll get on it in a little bit, but eventually I'm gonna teach you guys how to do this stuff.

    So be prepared.
    Hey hp!

    No worries there, mate. sfroggy1 was the chap who thought you deserved it the most and I think he was spot on. How are you, by the way?
    Got Steve to add you to the Bard Group mate as I, and everyone else, have noticed how much effort you've put into posting updates on Fable 3, etc. Enjoy the perks ! :D
    Added, sorry I'm late with it. Was very busy today and didn't have enough time to catch up during the day.
    Notification: If you want something new in Sean's Fable Trivia send me a PM leaving feedback. :) All users who leave feedback will get rep.
    Done and done.

    If there's any other Fable/Lionhead news you want on the front page, feel free to let me know. ;)
    G'day m8 !


    ^ This one is already part of a thread i did on it but I guess I could get Gikoku to put it up into the page already on the home page.


    ^ Will get this one up 2moro along with any other new news they post on Lionhead ;)


    ^ This was posted a while back actually meant to be the house on Bower Lake, now known as Millfields i believe. It's in the Fable 3 part of the forum I believe but I suppose if we get a high bunch of new screenshots 2moro we can include this in them.

    Cheers m8 ! :D
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