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  • I'm hanging in, there ain't no doubt, and I'm hanging tough, over and out.
    I traded in FIFA 12 and I had £6 on my reward card so I got it for around £14.. $26? Bought frankly, it's irritating me finding a game. Gears of War 3, around 10x less people playing it.. Find a game in < 10 seconds. MW3, 30-40 minutes. Wut.
    Dropped out of college, took up smoking and I'm without a job.. So not too good hahaha! How about you?
    Alright, awesome. I just asked Gikoku if he could do it for us. Just one more quick thing too. Would you mind adding something about being able to win prizes to the title of the thread so people know they can get some stuff if they win?
    How would you feel about moving the trivia thread to the Fable 3 discussion to get more participants?
    Hey Sean, are you still planning to continue the Fable trivia at some point? If not, or if you're unable to, I would sort of like to start it up again.

    I hope it's to your liking.

    I could always give another a go if you wish.
    Yeah I do get weekends free, but I'm also ill. No doubt I'll feel better right as I have to go to work Monday :(
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