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Recent content by jwc2200

  1. jwc2200

    Happy Birthday Firis!

    Re: Happy Birthday Firis! Happy Birthday
  2. jwc2200

    mana regen

    Re: mana regen Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the first post in this thread: http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&goto=57834&&srch=mana#msg_57834
  3. jwc2200

    My blades dont do damage they slice through everything

    Re: My blades dont do damage they slice through everything That weapon, and the BK Hammer, do not have what they should for them to work with the hero. Search for those weapon names, morerunes made the BK Sword work for sure, and maybe the hammer. Look on this site and here...
  4. jwc2200

    add an weapon file to FE.

    Re: add an weapon file to FE. You problem is placement in the tree, new object IDs are 14700 and higher. They will show up somewhere between 1000 and 2000. Jon knows why, alpha this or numeric that.
  5. jwc2200

    Spawning Chests

    Re: Spawning Chests Here is a tip to avoid the problem Stranger mentioned: In every chest you add to the game, put an apple pie or some other simple object, if you make changes and lose the modded weapon you added, the chests will always have something to give you and not freeze the game. If...
  6. jwc2200

    Bow Modding.

    Re: Bow Modding. Here is my answer to that question from a few days ago:
  7. jwc2200

    Happy Birthday moon.

    Happy Birthday moon.
  8. jwc2200

    Skorm's Bow Retex

    Re: Skorm's Bow Retex Check dates, he made this over a year ago, and he doesn't post any more. If what you want to do is increase the damage of Skorm's bow, or any ranged weapon, then you need to change the Shot entry. In FE, scroll down past the Object list to the Shot list. Click the + sign...
  9. jwc2200

    Reading? Do people still do that?

    Re: Reading? Do people still do that? This is a great series of several books involving a fantasy world with wizards, royalty, mercenaries, thieves. and the city they live in. There are at least 10 books in the original series, I read all of the a few months ago and will reread them in a few...
  10. jwc2200

    Spawning Chests

    Re: Spawning Chests The most common error is not moving or renaming the FinalAlbion.wad file. Look in: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Fable - The Lost Chapters\data\Levels If there is a file named FinalAlbion.wad, then move it to MyDocuments. Also there should be a folder in there named...
  11. jwc2200

    Happy birthday Droded

    Re: Happy birthday Droded Happy birthday Droded.
  12. jwc2200

    Request a Weapon/Armour

    Re: Request a Weapon/Armour It's been done as a new object in this thread: http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=7775&start=0& There are two different retextures that apply to the Demon Warrior helm in this thread: http://fabletlcmod.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=7250&start=0&
  13. jwc2200

    Post fun screenshots

    Re: Post fun screenshots Click "Go Advanced" then scroll down to "Manage Attachments", click it. In the new window click "Browse", find the pic, then click "Upload".
  14. jwc2200

    modding the bow?

    Re: modding the bow? You need to scroll down past the OBJECT list to the SHOT list, then change the damage of the shot for the bow you want.
  15. jwc2200

    DarkenedSoul's Musical Palace

    Re: DarkenedSoul's Musical Palace I recommend 'Violent Femmes' and 'Nitzer Ebb'. They are bands I associate with 'New Wave'. Not as hard as 'The Sex Pistols', but good in my opinion.