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  • Hey Jwc, Just Stoping by to see how everything is?
    Besides the Pm i havent really talked to you in a bit.
    Im glad to know that since that long break i had that your still here :)
    I was talking to him earlier today. He seemed to have calmed down quite a bit. His problem is that he has no patience and is angered over the slightest things, and I'm usually the target. I just wish he wasn't like this so I wouldn't have to hide down here in the basement away from him.
    I could have sworn I posted a message a couple of day ago...

    But anyway, I was able to persuade them to stay camping. Had to do a lot of talking on the phone and just pointed out that they would just waste their time. Luckily it worked. :)
    hey man 1 more thing, how do u change the big bak to normal after u use it? like if i used ur .big then wanted the to use the regular texture again how wood i?
    Well it was White Knight, then I changed it to Grey Knight, then Ultramarine, then Hal, the Azrael. Now its Jason
    Lol, I ment how are you doing lol. But still sorry your comp isnt doing so good
    I've been re-reading threads lately, and some of your posts have made my day.:thumbsup:

    I especially agree with the post regarding 'some dude'. ;)

    Hope everythings going well, feel free to give me a visitor message if you ever feel the need to talk.
    "Great,but will newbs read it"

    Even if they don't, if they ask the question in a seperate thread, just post a link and tell them to have more friggin' sense. Saving everyone time.
    Good.I really like guitar, and I'll probably stick with it for longer than piano. I guess piano gave me "stretchier" fingers though!
    Gosh, Face Book making is confusing. >.<
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