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  • Hey there Noctus, how have you been?
    Hey, I've been really good thanks, graduated college, lost 70 pounds, things are looking good for me. How are you?
    Very awesome man, congrats and I'm glad to know things are looking up. :)

    I'm good, thanks for asking. Just been trying to get by lately and things are beginning to get less hectic at work now, so I'm able to finally get more sleep now. lol

    It's good to have you back though, missed having your personality around here.
    Glad things are getting less hectic and you're able to sleep, that going on for too long can be soul destroying. Glad to be back, and glad to see you again.
    Hello I was wondering if you possibly know anybody that could help me get some achievements in fable 2 for the harder ones like collecting all the dolls , perfect co-op expression etc. For the Xbox 360;
    Ask someone with Fable 2.
    Just so you know, the picture of a dustball you posted in that thread I was told to post as a dare from the guys on chat, it wasn't funny the second time.
    He should be able to see it as a guest (if I remember right).

    The whole damn thing is a shame though.
    Here's the .psd if you ever fancy having a fiddle: http://projectego.net/files/ranks.rar

    If you want a custom user title then you can still enter that contest thing that I've got going if you like. I haven't got a link handy but it's not difficult to find. I realise it's probably a little tedious and you might feel as though you have to jump through hoops in order to get one but there's still at least one spot left in the contest for a winner.

    Female genitals FTW by the way.

    That'll do. I couldn't really think of a better way to close this to be honest. ^_^
    A fair point and certainly one that I agree with. However, one thing to bear in mind is that: Members who do contribute will receive a silver Contributor badge. The custom title graphics really aren't anything special. They are a ball-ache to create but I don't mind giving them away as contest prizes or to people who have made me laugh, or whatever, really. There's no real prerequisite because, well, they're just little badges that have absolutely no bearing on anything.

    And, if you want to be pedantic: No, I don't have over 5,000 posts - but I also do not have a custom title badge; nor have I ever had one, nor do I care enough to ever want one.

    But, sure, if people post something useful then yeah, they can have a custom title - this is really something so trivial I couldn't care less about it, until all this fuss was kicked up.
    now i see its a deer! i was looking at the brighter parts instead of the darker parts xD
    Yeah, I meant your profile picture. But damn, that's you? That looks damn (please emphasize more) awesome.
    Were it so simple...

    consistently corrupt. Opening it in winrar shows only a corrupt file(inside the zip). I cleared temporary internet files with no success. I'm running vista x64, if that ever made a download fail.

    If it works for you, the only reason why its not working for me must be an issue with my IE browser.

    (If this will help you remember me.)

    See it now?
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