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Recent content by Noctus

  1. Noctus

    Baby Drakan incoming

    A lot! I moved to Sheffield recently to live with my fiancé (I also got engaged, obviously). I got some reasonable success with my music, having signed to several labels worldwide now distributing my new album. Other than that, work work work. The idea of becoming a parent sounds far more...
  2. Noctus

    Baby Drakan incoming

    Good to see you both, too! I promise not to be such an obnoxious asshat this time around.
  3. Noctus

    Baby Drakan incoming

    First post here in a while. You'll be an awesome father, no doubt.
  4. Noctus

    what is your favorate part of fable

    I just want to take a moment to point out this is one of the most unusual typos I've ever seen, and that's quite something!
  5. Noctus

    Fable III a trainwreck according to Peter Molyneux

    Less interesting places to explore and less to do. It all just seemed pointless - side quests were redundant due to the fact the money you earned from them was useless since there was almost nothing to buy. It left the game barren with absolutely nothing to do.
  6. Noctus

    So I saw the 3rd Lord of the Rings the other day

    The reason he was a "little bitch" is because of the manipulative and draining nature of the ring. He actually coped remarkably well considering, it started to corrupt Sam after him wearing it for like 5 minutes but Frodo managed to carry it from the Shire all the way across the continent. On...
  7. Noctus

    Fable III a trainwreck according to Peter Molyneux

    It was over-saturated and too cartoony. Fable 2 balanced it out with some really good lighting effects and lots of places to explore and Fable 3 had none of that.
  8. Noctus

    Angry Joe Show Reviews

    I like Angry Joe a lot but I wish his reviews didn't get so needlessly long and meandering. It's to the point where it seems like each successive review is longer than the last.
  9. Noctus


    I think this is one of the problems with all of the Fable games - every character has to adhere to good or evil and it's far too black and white. I find characters that are neither good or evil to be much more interesting because you never know what they're going to do, they're far less...
  10. Noctus


    Well, Reaver wasn't in the first Fable, so it's only 2 games. I think your scenario would be a bit anti-climactic as well. I think he'd make a much better antagonist as opposed to just fading away as part of the plot.
  11. Noctus

    Fable III a trainwreck according to Peter Molyneux

    I actually found the combat far, far more infuriating than in Fable 2 due to it being further stripped down in terms of weapon choice and strategy. Not to mention the graphics, which I found to be far inferior to Fable 2 as well, which to me defied belief considering it was meant to be Fable 2's...
  12. Noctus

    Ask The Staff 'Anything'

    Cool, just posted on his profile. Cheers for the heads up, mate.
  13. Noctus

    Hello, heard you had some queries that could be directed my way?

    Hello, heard you had some queries that could be directed my way?
  14. Noctus

    Ask The Staff 'Anything'

    Just for reference, it is still a stag. Missed you guys!
  15. Noctus

    Buying a gaming rig, any suggestions?

    Aye, best to plan for a few months, reduces the chances of something just coming out that perfectly suits your needs.