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  • Well, it depends on what you mean by those terms.

    Time Travel: If you mean travelling back in time, then it's not so much of a stance as a scientific fact. It is theoretically possible to skip forward in time using wormholes, or time dilation.

    Teleportation: If you mean the kind where you step into a booth, disappear, then reappear in another booth kind of thing, then no. Again, wormholes might make achieving the same end a possibility. It is generally accepted that you can make a wormhole from one place to another, but there is a lot of debate as to whether such a wormhole would be traversible.

    Bringing the dead back to life is kind of ambiguous. It's always possible to bring someone back to life if they've only been clinically dead for a few minutes. Anything longer than that, and you get brain damage, and ultimately, brain death. If you're asking if I believe in a soul or anything, then no, I do not. If you're talking about the thing they did in Mass Effect 2, then I'm unsure.
    Well I do have one, is your title determined by your amount of posts?
    And how is a Modder selected? :lol:
    Thanks in advance ^_^
    so it seems. on the website, the repairs were completed 2 days ago but they still haven't sent it back. you'd think the hard parts over.
    can you link to them? i love reading forum drama. come on, my xbox is in the mail for the red ring of death, keep me entertained. :p
    Yeah I love the subject, but I'm more interested in body language and kinesics. How about you?
    Kinesics and psychology, like in the first video when she lists her qualities she talks about beauty first before friends, it hints that she is more insecure about her looks than the fact that she doesn't have friends.

    And in the second video she talks about being perfect and normal, then she calls herself weird which shows that she is very superficial and immature amongst other things, typical of an abused kid.

    If you know what to look for too, you can see little glances and "micro-expressions" which show how she feels about what she is saying and her relationship between her and her dad.
    Thanks for posting those videos in that thread that recently got locked, it was useful practice on reading people
    You will laugh.

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