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  • I feel touched that you and droded both sent me de-pixellated versions. I'm so special.
    Good night new buddy. This proves i can stay up longer than you :) 5:30 A.M
    Wood elfs are short and fat :) And since you brang up diabo ll, i have to tell you this one time i bought Diablo expansion disk which i thought came with the game + expansion, but when i installed it to my computer it asked for the original first. So yeah i was kinda dumb on that xD.
    Yes i do play a acoustic guitar! Thanks for asking. I see you play oblivion xD. What's your race?
    Hey thanks for the add, Sweet guitar too haha. :p
    Hey man, was that blog thing you decided to do just a passing thing? I decided to resurrect my blog, so I decided to follow you. Check it out!
    Yeah, the modes are where it's at. Make sure you know your dorian mode, that will get used a lot. And trust me, songwriting is heaps easier if you know theory. Because if you know why something sounds good, then it's a lot easier to rip it off without sounding like you ripped it off.

    Yeah, I'm not on it a lot though. My thing is [email protected]
    Hope you've got a good grounding in music theory if you're going to attempt Jazz. It can get pretty complicated :lol:

    Audio engineering! Sick as. I wish I could have done something as cool as that in High School. French is good too. I know a few phrases in French: "L'esclavage d'amour" being the only one of them that I can remember.

    Also, I've just got hooked onto SimCity. Is that weird?
    I am a creature of the night.

    Stuff's alright. Just living. Doing a jazz course. Having weird dreams about Darth Vader Oblivion expansion packs. Regular stuff.
    Nice. I got a Squier Strat myself. It's not a bad imitation, if I must say, with them being owned by Fender and all. I need to fix it, actually.

    It's more of a blues axe than a rock one. The single coil neck pickup does sound great though.
    Nah. I dunno if I'll get it. I need money to get nice things, and my guitars will probably come first if I do manage to find some. Need to fix the neck on my acoustic, and the plug on my electric.
    That's really great! I'm glad to hear that you're getting more into the guitar.

    Yeah I sorta do, but it's through school, and since we're on summer holidays right now I'm not having them. I had a great guitar teacher for two years at my old school who I still visit occasionally. He's the one who showed me Cliffs of Dover.
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