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  1. Dark Drakan


    Bethesda have been working on a brand new next generation single-player game in a new epic franchise named Starfield. “Our first wholly original franchise in 25 years,” says Todd Howard. The studio has been working away on it for years and it has been a rumoured IP for a long time so its good to...
  2. Dark Drakan

    Elder Scrolls VI

    Finally after all the talk about Fallout, Bethesda actually gave fans what they wanted to hear and revealed Elder Scrolls VI is in the works (though a long way away by look of it). Also they revealed that their rumoured new IP Starfield is coming too. Nothing is known about Elder Scrolls VI just...
  3. Dark Drakan

    Fallout 76

    So it has been confirmed at E3 that Fallout 76 will indeed be a multiplayer survival game, however not all of the rumours were entirely accurate. After the backlash against it not being single player Bethesda stressed that the game can actually be played on your own, but that a core component...