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Former Lionhead man reveals tactics studio used to deal with troll

Dark Drakan

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Feb 6, 2006
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According to former community director at Lionhead (and former lurker here :p) Sam van Tilburgh. Addressing an audience at BAFTA, he revealed just how the UK studio dealt with a group of online trolls who threatened to release potentially damaging screenshots of the original Fable during the game’s development back in 2003.

There was this little group, and they were called Kibit, They managed to get their hands on some screenshots, one of which was the hero of Fable stabbing a little kid through the head. It was never meant to be released for obvious reasons. But they managed to get their hands on more material unannounced to this day...and they threatened us, the community team, with releasing them.

We knew where the guy was living and managed to get a hold of the guy's high school record through a mate, including the poem that he had recited at his end of year [class]. We wrote a public message as Lionhead Studios to the group Kibitz and we started the message with the opening lines of the poem he had recited in high school, and we included the landmark he could see from his house where he lived.

And I said, 'You have got to stop this now otherwise I pass all this information on to your mum. He kept quiet and he was a very kind polite boy after that, I met him many times after at community events."