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  1. Dark Drakan

    Fable narrative lead "stepping away" in August

    Anna Megill who was the narrative lead on Playground Games new title in the Fable franchise has decided it's time for new projects and is stepping away from her role in August 2023. Having previously held the role of lead writer she was moved to narrative lead last year, she had the following to...
  2. Dark Drakan

    Official Fable Trailer

    Playground Games officially released a new teaser trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase earlier starring Richard Ayoade. Good to see the humour showcased as well as the impressive visual style.
  3. Dark Drakan

    Eidos Montreal aiding Playground Games on Fable?

    According to a report from Bloomberg, the studio behind Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Eidos Montreal) which was one of 3 studios acquired by The Embracer Group is aiding Playground Games on their new Fable title. Embracer Group acquired three studios — Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and...
  4. Dark Drakan

    Playground Games are still hiring for Fable reboot

    It seems that the release of Playground Games Fable reboot could still be a little way off as they are actively advertising for core developers for the title. They have a number of open roles available (amongst many more): Lead Concept Artist Combat Designer Dialogue Designer Senior...
  5. Dark Drakan

    Microsoft admits"missteps" in its handling of Lionhead Studios

    Microsoft have recently revealed that one of their biggest mistakes was the way in which they handled the closure of Lionhead Studios. The sixth episode of Power On: The Story of Xbox features a short segment dedicated to Lionhead Shannon Loftis, who was General Manager of Global Games...
  6. F

    Fable Project Enhanced Mod (WIP)

    Hello! My name is Andrey, I'm speaking on behalf of FRC (Fable: Russian Community). /* ATTENTION ON It's not advertising. It's something about "All huge Fable fans get together, bros!!!" This topic still updates, so check out for changes ATTENTION OFF */ It's official PEM-FRC's topic on...
  7. K

    Can't teleport in TLC - Fixed

    Hello there. Long time lover of Fable TLC, I recently purchased it on Steam to run through it again. After some time I ran into a familiar problem I remembered having years earlier : all of a sudden I can't charge my Guild Seal, Cullis gates are off and I can't use my Guild Seal even through...
  8. L

    Wish World Mod

    https://vk.com/fablewishworld Come check out the page, will be a huge mod and i have tons to work with! Read the discussions tab if interested
  9. L

    Project Ego Mod (Regions Designed by Lionhead)

    Update if your curious, this was pulled from the Anniversary files as a .tng and rewrote by me to work with TLC!!! It's Ego guild!! https://i.imgur.com/qukOHdf.jpg (This version of the Guild Exterior was made by Lionhead not me.) I had to delete a ton of markers and camera scripts to fix it from...
  10. WSProductions

    New fan made Fable series - ALBION: The Old Kingdom

    So in anticipation for (more than likely) Fable IV, the community that I run has started up a new Fable audio series that takes place during the Old Kingdom. We have an incredibly talented and passionate cast on board, who want to bring light to a compelling timeline in the Fable universe. Here...
  11. WSProductions

    New fan made Fable series "ALBION: The Old Kingdom"

    So in anticipation for (more than likely) Fable IV, the community that I run has started up a new Fable audio series that takes place during the Old Kingdom. We have an incredibly talented and passionate cast on board, who want to bring light to a compelling timeline in the Fable universe...
  12. RustInDirt

    Is there a free roam camera mod?

    I was wondering if there was a free roam camera mod, basically what this guy does on YouTube: I checked the FableTLCMod forums and got a camera zoom out mod, but I need one that is free roam, since the camera zooming in and out gets blocked by objects alot.
  13. S

    Fable TLC run time error

    I know this has been discussed in my website but i coudn't find an answer. The thing is when i bring the "Trials of Arkan" book the Mr.Gount i get the run time error message : This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support...
  14. Dark Drakan

    Microsoft originally wanted Runic Games to make another Fable title

    Microsoft asked the now-disbanded Runic Games to make another Fable title (and very nearly published Torchlight) ''We pitched Torchlight to Microsoft and had extensive meetings, a company vetting, and it all seemed to be going so well. To our shock, at the end of the arduous process, they...
  15. Dark Drakan

    Microsoft On The Future Of The Fable Series

    Microsoft have recently been asked about the future of the Fable Franchise with Lionhead now dead & buried. Microsoft On The Future Of The Fable Series
  16. B

    Fable TLC Menu Background

    Need some help finding an image that I thought would make a great background for a desktop. This is the image I'm looking for. Looking to get the image without the text of course and in 1920x1080. Didn't know if anybody here had gone through the effort of making the image for themselves...
  17. R

    Weapons Trade or Help

    I need to some help completing the weapons achievement. I can't seem to get them anywhere and people aren't willing to trade. The weapons I need are listed below, hit me up on Xbox live if you wanna trade; Ritualsilver120. Swords Beadles cutlass Soul drinker Swinging sword Thunder blade...
  18. RustInDirt

    Fable History Source (Remastered) - New and Improved!

    Check it out if you want: https://sites.google.com/site/fhsremastered/home
  19. Quistrix

    Fable Xbox One Clubs

    There's a few Fable clubs on Xbox One with members that still play a lot of Fable II/III who request and offer help with whatever you need. One that I'm a member of is Fable Fans Guild. Plenty people post in there regularly, so if you ever need help I suggest going there if you're playing via...
  20. RustInDirt

    Project EGO/Fable Site

    I made a fan site, for right know it's mostly screenshots Update: I have decided to switch to Google sites, for more site storage. Update 2: Fixed link New site: https://sites.google.com/site/fablehistorysource/