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Dark Prophit
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  • hey dude i wondered if you wanted a hand with your smiting type bussiness on F3 it's a great idea and i can't wait to get smithing myself.
    Here. Gikoku put your name on for you, I just did the animation. Collaboration. Please enjoy. ^_^ Castlevania FTW

    So when you say castlevania gif do you mean the ones I've already had made? Or did you mean a new one. I'll do it with one of the ones I have anyway. Just in case. And see if you like it. ^_^
    There's no picture in your spoiler. Which one would you like to change to?
    Christian? Really? I find that one very dull. Now, Greek Mythology - that's awesome stuff as well.
    Yeah, First, I think the corner should come together and make a guide to look at to craft weapons. What do you think?
    Ya. Anything along those lines. Gold&Red Longsword with a fancy handle.
    Hello. Just came to welcome you because I didn't before. :p You already know I'm Evan. If you got any questions (or complaints) lemme know.
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