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xbox one

  1. Dark Drakan

    Diablo IV

    Its saying something when one of my favourite reveals at the Xbox & Bethesda showcase was a sequel in a series I havent really played properly and last had a full title released back in 2012. Personally I thought Diablo IV looked great, both from a visual standpoint and the sheer breadth of the...
  2. N

    Fable 2 / Fable 3 Chicken suit & Dolls set

    Wondering if anyone has the chicken suit and dolls set on Fable 2 and is willing to gift them to my account or invite me for the achievements; In return i’ll gift all legendary weapons on Fable 3. {And outfits if needed.} Thnx. *First post unsure if this is in the right place.*
  3. Dark Drakan

    What platforms do you game on?

    Just curious as to which platforms people game on here at the moment to gauge interest of news on particular platforms and games/franchises. Personally I game on PC, XB1 and PS4 at the moment and tend to alternate between them all depending on game/franchise, though I do have handful of games on...
  4. Zarkes

    Celebrate Fable on Xbox One

    Fable Anniversary has come to Xbox One, If you have purchased these games in the store they will already be available for download! So yah, relive the adventure once more!
  5. Quistrix

    Fable Xbox One Clubs

    There's a few Fable clubs on Xbox One with members that still play a lot of Fable II/III who request and offer help with whatever you need. One that I'm a member of is Fable Fans Guild. Plenty people post in there regularly, so if you ever need help I suggest going there if you're playing via...
  6. Quistrix

    There goes another one...

    It seems Microsoft isn't done with its killing streak, it just confirmed that its officially cancelled Scalebound. I wasn't terribly hyped for this game, but I am disappointed that Microsoft has done another "Fable Legends". Scalebound did look amazing, and it's a great shame. More info here.
  7. Dark Drakan

    State of Decay 2

    Finally State of Decay 2 was unveiled at E3 2016 and looks like they have scrapped the DayZ/H1Z1 etc MMO idea and decided to try and keep the story intact as well as choices having meaning as well as deaths and opted for 4 player co-op instead. I personally think this is a good idea as it will...
  8. Dark Drakan

    Fable Fortune

    We dont have a section for this (yet) but will move it there when we have finalised the layout & @Steve Powell has finished his new design. However here is 17mins of footage from Fable Fortune... EDIT* Made Fable Fortune section and moved thread.
  9. Dark Drakan

    Elite: Dangerous

    Elite: Dangerous confirmed for Xbox One It has been confirmed that the PC space title will be coming to Xbox One in the Summer and includes all content added to the PC version by February's Community Goals content update and March's Wings content update. David Braben from Frontier had the...
  10. Dark Drakan

    No Mans Sky by Hello Games

    One of the games that interested me the most at VGX this year and seemed to come out of nowhere. It has generated quite a buzz since its announcement even though it is only being developed by a 4 man development team from London known as Hello Games (Joe Danger). Incredibly ambitious for such a...