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Just some info

Marcodian Elite

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Jan 17, 2011
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Not overly sure if this has been posted, been a few the journey threads, but was browsing about and from a combination of lionhead and Wikipedia just noticed how some of the gameplay is going to work -
these are :

"Player decisions will also affect the character's horse who drives the player's carriage throughout the game. If you spur your horse forward quickly with a whip, the horse's health may deteriorate. Alternatively, if you treat your horse well, they may exhibit a healthy glow." ,

"There will also be cross-game interaction with Fable Heroes. Playing Fable Heroes will level up your character in Fable: The Journey as well as unlock additional items." and

"According to developers,Fable: The Journey will read previous Fable III save files and change the game world accordingly"

In the case of the 1st example - with your horse being affected - I assume the health deteriorating would be permanent, this obviously coming from you mis-treating the horse, so an effect on the actual game, whereas if you treat the animal fairly the only bonus is a healthy glow....sounds fair lol (I'l guess buy the end product perhaps their will be actual in game bonuses - mabey run faster, increased health etc. It seems to me that they seem to be just throwing in side-effects to your decisions because they can, and because it's proved popular in the series - but I think the older games implementation was popular because it was new and different and the effects were such as your appearance, which then affected how the world interacted with you, by overusing it on every trivial thing it'l eventually take away from the original concept - people have already seen how new implementations can go wrong - such as the unique (but typically generic) weapon morphing in F3 etc.

Only thing that comes to mind is how much you character will level by in the journey by playing Heroes, and if their is a cap/limit - can you have a fully levelled character in the journey with say 2hours playtime buy 10 in heroes?

I'm interested in how F3 will effect and change the journey (I'l not be able to do it myself, not interested in ever getting a kinect), it'd probably be along the lines of how many people you were actually able to save, perhaps talks in the community on how Albion suffered/triumphed thanks to the evil/good king - and perhaps some of the promises that were made/broke (orphanage/whore house) etc.

Expect more to be released soon, and sorry if these have been brought up before.