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Nintendo Switch

Dark Drakan

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Feb 6, 2006
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Nintendo Switch Details Revealed

Last night's launch event confirmed the launch date as March 3rd in the UK and Europe.

The console maker confirmed US pricing at $299.99. Unhelpfully, UK and European gamers were asked to check local retailers but a press release quickly confirmed UK price of £279.99. ($340.51) The launch bundle includes console, both JoyCons, Switch dock and cables.

The Switch, unlike most of Nintendo's modern consoles, will not be region-locked. This means that games bought from all over the world will work on your console, enlarging the Switch's library with the ability to import foreign games.

It apparently has "more than six hours" of use away from an outlet, but it will vary depending on the game. In a press release sent out following last night's Switch event, Nintendo says that launch title "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be played for roughly three hours on a single charge." Obviously, less-taxing games will last considerably longer, allowing Nintendo to claim six hours of battery life with a clear conscience.

Whenever the Switch is docked to the TV it will automatically charge. However, the Switch uses a regular USB Type-C for charging (which most use for phones/laptops).

Sample of Listed Partners



• 505 Games
• Activision
• Arc System Works
• Atlus
• Audiokinetic
• Autodesk
• Bandai Namco
• Bethesda
• Capcom
• Codemasters
• CRI Middleware
• DeNA
• Electronic Arts
• Epic Games
• Firelight Technologies
• FromSoftware
• Frozenbyte
• GameTrust
• Grasshopper Manufacturer
• Gungho Online Entertainment.
• Hamster Corporation
• Havok
• Inti Creates
• Koei Tecmo Games
• Konami Digital Entertainment
• Level-5
• Marvelous
• Maximum Games
• Nippon Ichi Software
• Parity Bit
• PlatinumGames
• RAD Game Tools
• RecoChoku
• SEGA Games
• Silicon Studio Corporation
• Spike Chunsoft Co
• Square Enix
• Starbreeze Studios
• Take-Two Interactive Software
• Telltale Games
• THQ Nordic
• Tokyo RPG Factory
• TT Games
• UBbisoft
• Ubitus
• Unity Technologies
• Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
• Web Technology Corp

Also confirmed Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be a launch title...