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Quest Card’s, Demon Doors and Items of Doom (Hidden Items).


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Oct 24, 2017
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Following on from Sephiroxas who made the incredible Trophies, Items, and Clothing of Doom (Hidden Items) thread was never going to be easy but a massive breakthrough has been made and it has allowed us to get a glimpse of Fable that has been out of reach to us all since it’s original retail release.
Modding Fable in the past had revealed Quest Cards that had went unused in the final retail release and they puzzled us all greatly.
The Quest Cards and the unused items from the Trophies, Items and clothing of Doom thread had made us realise that Lionhead Studios must have developed and designed these quests and planned for them to be in the final build but these were unfortunately cut at some late stage of development.
We were never in a position to truly figure out how well in development these quests were...........until now!!!.
Aeon of Project Spring/Autumn/summer/Winter fame has painstakingly gone through the files and scripts and using an early build of Fable that was once unattainable, has found the information that has finally gave us the answers that has eluded us for so long.
We finally now know that some of these Quest Cards were almost complete and had their own cutscenes, text files, scripts, boasts, demon doors, items and npc’s.
Fable may have been a game that was in development for many years but once Microsoft took over it was being suddenly rushed to make its deadline and the quests and content that was planned and should have had made it into the final retail build of the game had to be savagely cut.
The restored Cutscenes, Demon Doors and Text Scripts can be all viewed on Aeon’s Discord as well as magnificently presented pdf’s that will show screen shoots of these quests in action.
I will go through in great detail first the quests that were Quests Cards and that were meant to have made it into the retail build and then I will also cover the large number of quests that were dropped but then again surprisingly even some of these quests were near completion!!!.


*********Quest Cards Titles********













It’s important to note that The Ransom Victim and Dragon Boss Quest Cards were cut from the original retail release but were remade for TLC. These quests were significantly altered and quite a bit different from Lionhead’s original ideas as you will soon find out. The Quest Cards Travelling Beggar, Travelling Bully and Haunted House were almost completely removed from Fable and were made into only small side quests. Originally these were planned to be massive missions, covering multiple areas and side quests. The quest Bandit Camp Path Journey was the precursor to Find the Bandit Seeress and was quite different to the quest that we finally ended up with and had its own unused Demon Door!!!.


SUMMARY: Escort a wanted Trader though Whitchwood, to Knothole Glade.

LOCATION: Witchwood Cullis Gate, Witchwood Stones, Temple of Avo, Witchwood Lake, Knothole Glade.



This quest spans all of Witchwood. It is the Witchwood equivalent of the Lookout Point to Orchard Farm Trader quest. Once you arrive at the gates of Knothole Glade the quest is finished and you are rewarded for all your troubles.
You will begin this quest at the Witchwood Cullis Gate where you will talk with the scared and wanted Trader. In the centre of the map you will be ambushed by a large group of enemies. There will also be a stealth section ahead that the cunning can use to sneak up behind their foes. You will be constantly be surrounded and harassed through this entire journey so just constantly stay vigilant especially if your planning on making it though this quest in one piece. Heal Life would be of great use for keeping your employer alive as this guy is a total wuss and a few hits will kill him. If any section is giving you to much trouble or just looks to be to dangerous remember that you can use you Expressions to get the Trader to either Follow you or Wait until you have cleared the danger. Your reward is based on how healthy the Trader is when you arrive at Knothole Glade but you are given substantially more Gold for his safe arrival then you were rewarded at Orchard Farm.


SUMMARY: An insane bomb-maker is on the loose in Knothole Glade. Stop him and the explosions.

LOCATION: Knothole Glade.



Upon taking this Quest Card from the Heroes Guild, you travel to Knothole Glade where an insane bomb maker is reeking havoc in town by setting up explosives inside houses. When in town, you come by a Blacksmith who explains the situation and asks for your help. The lunatic loose in Knothole Glade has placed Blastboxes in peoples houses that will need to be defused. The guards are doing their best to evacuate the citizens. The perpetrator is just too quick for anyone to chase. You must now follow the Blacksmith and try to catch the MadBomber in a mad dash around the Knothole Glade before the bombs explode. The MadBomber is truly insane and will shout about his lovely blasts and lovely lovely Blastboxes while he merrily skips from one hut to another planting more explosives. When you successfully manage to defuse a bomb you gain Experience and Morality Points but if you fail to defuse a bomb you will lose Renown Points and the Defuse All Bombs Hero Boost if you had decided to pick that one up at the Guild. Your final chase will be to get to the Chiefs Hut where you will finally confront the MadBomber. Your reward will be a Steel Katana as well as all the usual rewards of Gold and Renown Points.


SUMMARY: After completing the Arena Core Quest, you can revisit the Arena as one of its previous champions. You must do a few rounds of combat, earning yourself some money and Renown.

LOCATION: Witchwood Arena



After completing the Arena the Hero may return as often as he likes. Just chat with the guard outside and he will tell you that you are free to roam the building. You will gain access once again to the handy Arena Shop which has useful and rare items. If you decide to participate again you are more then welcome too. The Arena Commenter will proudly announce you as a Past Champion Returning to the Arena. The hordes you face will be similar as before. Unfortunately this time around you won’t be able to take Guild Boosts and there will also be no Jack of Blades present. You can battle in all the rounds but obviously there will not be a last round battle involving Whisper. You can use this opportunity to gain Experience, Renown and of coarse your adoring fans will still drop items and Gold if you are able to entertain them enough.


SUMMARY: Activate the Bandit Camp Cullis so the Guild may gain access to the region.

LOCATION: Bandit Camp, Abandoned Road, Cliff Top Path.



A precursor to the Find The Bandit Seeress Quest. Originally the only way to enter the reclusive and isolated Bandit Camp would be to go though a Demon Door by dressing as a Bandit. Once inside you would need to activate the Cullis Gate to give the Guild access to the area.
This quest was probably intended to play out in a similar manner to the retail Bandit Camp quest that we got to play in the retail game.
You will be constantly attacked by Bandits the moment that you enter the Abandoned Road. Using stealth and sneaking around will pay you great dividends here as pure brute force will get your quickly surrounded. Remember to pick up all the chests to collect the Bandit Gear or you wouldn’t be able to enter the Bandit Camp. The Demon Door will tell you that he has a special deal for Bandits, Looters and Pillagers this month. If you don’t have the full bandit gear he will berate you and say that you are a giant girl, crying coz your pants has fallen off!!!. If you have the full clothing you will be allowed to enter because apparently this Demon Door is in a good mood. Once inside you will have to activate the Cullis Gate

**********THE RANSOM VICTIM********

SUMMARY: Help a man in Oakvale find his missing lover.

LOCATION: Oakvale, Darkwood Weir, Grey’s old House.



After taking this Quest Card from the Guild Map Table travel to Oakvale and chat to the man who has had his lover taken hostage. The kidnappers have left a letter demanding that he is to leave immediately to Darkwood Weir with 5000 Gold if he ever wishes to get his lady back. He wants you to deliver the money to them as he is too scared to do this himself. When you arrive in Darkwood the Bandit’s there are waiting for the ransom money and there payday. The hostage is clearly not there and they will only reveal her location if you pay up. Now a smart man can handle this situation in one of several different ways. You can simply hand over the cash and get the information that you want and be on your merry way or you can also choose to wait to get the location and then strike them quickly. Once the boss is dead you will find the 5000 Gold on his body. It would appear that the hostage is being held at the old Grey House. After you have dashed there you will find by the Demon Door the hostage and the Bandit guarding her. Regardless of what you say you will be attacked and ambushed by the Bandit’s that quickly surround you. Your next job will be to escort the young lady back to Oakvale while your being assaulted and ambushed by the remaining Bandit gang. You will be thanked and rewarded once you return her home safe and sound.


SUMMARY: Get the lamp

LOCATION: Guild Woods



To prepare you for your Final Exam you must speak with the Guild Master during your Guild Training once he feels you are ready. A lamp has been hidden in the Guild Woods and you are tasked with finding it. After you explore the woods and you are unable to find the lamp you will stumble upon a shady looking gentleman. After a quick chat you will find out that he watched Maze hid the lamp and is willing to sell it to you for 50 Gold. You guessed it right, this guy hangs out in the Guild Woods and waits for Guild Apprentices to come along for Guild training and makes a tidy profit selling the items that he knows that they desperately need in order for them to complete there training. You can handle this in several different ways including giving him a smack across the chops or actually handing him the cash. Once completed return the lamp to Guild Master. Your reward is finally being a step closer to your Final Exam and being allowed to permanently keep that handy looking lamp.


SUMMARY: Fight the Dragon.

LOCATION: Hook Coast, Dragon Cliff.



If your in the region of Hook Coast head up to the Demon Door in the Abbey to the north and see if your renown is good enough to enter. The Demon Door has many phrases based on how high your renown is. If your renown is low, it will ridicule you for thinking that you are up for the challenge. If your renown is closer to maximum, then it will warn you of the threat inside and how it’s been trying to keep it locked away for centuries. Only once you have reached the height of popularity and renown will the Demon Door finally open and allow you access to Dragon Cliff. The threat inside will give you the chance to go into battle with one of Albion’s most magnificent and most deadly creatures...........the dreaded Dragon Trogdor!!!.


SUMMARY: Successful pick the pockets of the three Traders.




An Evil Guild Apprentice wants you to pickpocket Traders that have come to rest in the Oakvale Tavern. You will not be able to pickpocket them while they are in the tavern and you must wait for them to take a walk outside. Taking it in turns they will all leave the tavern giving you the opportunity to quickly strike. The Guild Apprentice will also cause a distraction if your having trouble. If you are caught in the act the Trader will automatically leave town lowering your reward money. If all three catch you attempting to pick their pockets then you will have to restart the whole quest over again. Presuming that you have been successful the Guild Apprentice will reward you 500 Gold for the stolen piece of jewellery and a sweet bonus if you have managed to get your hands on all three.


SUMMARY: A Bully gives you a series of mischievous tasks.

LOCATION: Bowerstone Quay, Bowerstone South, Oakvale, Bowerstone North, knothole Glade, Temple of Avo.



After choosing to take sides with the Bully at Lookout Point your life of crime and as a villain is just about to begin!!!. The Bully is waiting for you in Bowerstone South and asks you to steal a pie from the Beggar but as a warm up you are to steal his hat first. The Bully will lead you to Bowerstone Quay where you can use your Steal Expression to take the Beggars Hat from him as the Bully makes a handy distraction. The local Sheriff will be on watch for the next part of this quest as you will have to use your stealth to try and steal the Beggars Pie next. If your caught by either the Sheriff or the Beggar you with have to restart this quest. Once you have the Beggar’s Hat and Beggar’s Pie return to the Bully who now wishes you to get rid of his rivals in Bowerstone South. Other Bully’s are interfering in his territory and you are tasked with either scaring them off with Expressions or by using your fists and smacking them around however the last option may run you into problems with the city watch. Once achieved return to the Bully who will head off to Oakvale next. Your reward is slew of Evil Alignment Points. At Oakvale the Bully awaits your arrival with more nefarious and Evil Deeds that need doing. At first you are to extort Gold from the local Traders and then you will need to burn several farmers haystacks as they refuse to pay up. You can cause as much in way of chaos and mayhem as you like or you can just simply use intimidation and fear to avoid the rap of the town guards. However you have did this just return to the Bully for your usual reward and he will once again be on his travels. You will meet up with the Bully next when you have access to Bowerstone North and have been crown the Arena Champion. He will ask you to pickpocket the rich folk around the area. Just be watchful of the city watch and that pesky Sheriff and you will be okay. Once completed you will meet up with the Bully at Knothole Glade next and once again he will ask you for your assistance. The Bully wants you to extort the shopkeeper but the shopkeeper has hired a tough and mean looking guard. You can deal with him in many ways including bribing and threatening him but the most hilarious and ingenious way will be if you start to ask around town. You will find out from rumours that the guard is scared of chickens. It just happens that a big chicken is near by but getting it into Knothole Glade will be pretty challenging. That’s where that Beggar’s Pie that you stole from the Beggar earlier at Bowerstone Quay will come in handy. The chicken has a sweet tooth for baked pies and the residents of Knothole will tell you that they regularly feed him pies from the baker in Bowerstone. You can lead the chicken with the pie straight to the guard and he will bolt off like a prized horse and straight out of town. The shopkeeper will not be impressed that his expense hired mercenary has ran from a chicken but now you are in a prime position to extort money from him. Once completed the Bully will claim that he has plans for a big robbery. One in which will make you both incredibly rich. He plans to steal all the treasures at the the Temple of Avo. He has also hired Assassins that will aid in the big raid. Meet up with the Bully at the Temple of Avo. The moment that you see the Bully with the Assassin’s you get the feeling that something isn’t right. The Bully will tell you that you are now a threat to him and he fears that you will want to take over. He will attack you with the Assassin’s. This will be a tough fight and the small area will mean that you will be surrounded constantly. You will eventually prevail however and Bully will be no more. Now that the Bully has gone the towns and villages of Albion can finally start to get back to normal without the fear of extortion or of being harassed. Well that is unless someone else plans to take his spot that is?.


SUMMARY: A Beggar gives you a series of tasks to test your generosity.

LOCATION: Bowerstone South, Bowerstone Quay, Oakvale, Bowerstone North, Knothole Glade, Temple of Avo.



After choosing to take sides with the Beggar at Lookout Point your life of good deeds and generosity is about to begin. You will stumble upon the Beggar at the Bowerstone Entrance. The Quest will technically start the moment that you give the Beggar a donation. The Beggar will ask you if you can find him a safe place to sleep at night. After a search of Bowerstone you will find the Beggar an available hut in Bowerstone Quay. The hut owner is more then willing to help out an old adventurer and a poor homeless man. You will eventually meet the Beggar at Oakvale next. He will ask you to make a donation in the form of a pie. Once you bring him one he will give you his thanks and once again be one his travels to his next destination. You will come across the Beggar next in Bowerstone North. The Beggar will ask if you can pick up litter around Bowerstone. After you have did this he will then ask if you can return a teddy bear that he found to it’s young owner. Now you can choose to either be a kind and generous type and give this bear back to the little girl or be an ass and lie to keep it for yourself. If you just happen to be around Knothole Glade then you will probably bump into the Beggar once again. This time the Bully has stolen his Beggar’s Hat. If you arrange to meet up with the Bully he will tell you that he has it at the Temple of Avo and run off. As you approach the temple the Bowerstone Sheriff and a group of guards will meet you there. It would appear that the Bully has hired a band of Assassin’s and plans to steal valuable treasures from the temple. You can either sneak around the temple using stealth or simply rush in with swords raised. The Sheriff and his guards will make a handy distraction but few will likely survive the onslaught to end if you do decide to just go blazing in. Once you have confronted the Bully and his hired goons you will be ambushed. Once dead you will find the Beggar’s Hat by his body. Return it to the Beggar for his thanks and gratitude once more. Congratulations Hero you have made Albion a much safer and happier place in which to live in.


SUMMARY: Return the 5 lost items to the haunted house to free it from the haunting. These 5 items are found in various locations around the world.

LOCATION: Grey’s House



When you first come close to the house’s cellar, the Hero hears a mysterious and ghastly voice tell you that this is a house of the dead, where danger is everywhere and that it’s a place where few leave!!!. If you try to open the cellar doors you will find that they are bolted shut. When you enter the house you will be ambushed by the Undead. After you defeat them the house will talk to you and tell you that you will need to collect her toys which are scattered across the world in order for her to open the cellar doors. The voice is the Ghost of Amanda Grey. You will be told to bring her the past, you must return to her the childhood toys have been taken from her and then she will open the cellar. The items are a Music Box, a Toy Horse, a Star, a Doll and a Pair of Shoes. For some of these items you will need to to combine several parts to complete a toy. Once you have globe-trotted all across Albion and returned all the items that had been stolen from her childhood Ghost will open up the cellar. Inside you will find Lady Greys Diary.

We will never truly know why Lionhead had decided to cut some of these quests given how close they were to being finished and making it to retail. The time restraints set by Microsoft certainty could be a big reason why. Most of these quests also involved a lot of Stealth sections and the use of the Pickpocket Expression which was sadly also cut from the final release as well. Its likely that rather then rework these stealth sections Lionhead simply cut any quest that had used them instead?. Hopefully you have enjoyed reading these quests and it’s pleasing that they were all given full scripts and text allowing us to see them from start to finish just as they were planned to be. Next I will cover quest that were found in an early build of Fable. Some of these quests were either cut early or around midway through development but several of them are surprisingly complete!!!.

***********UNUSED CUT QUESTS********










These quests were found using an early version of Fable that was once previously only available to the developers. Some of these quests were from a time much earlier then Fable’s release and it is likely that some of these areas and places that they were set in were cut or changed.
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