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The "I Hate Fable: The Journey" Thread


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Oct 3, 2012
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I don't mind The Journey since it's going to be a spinoff title. Spinoffs are meant to make money. That's about it. Heck it may even be a bit amusing. Spinoff titles are usually supposed to be a bit different from the core game and just use the title of a popular series to make a quick buck. Like the endless stream of Mario Party games.

I just hope that Fable 4 is where Lionhead looks at what they're doing and takes a few steps back, and root back down to a few things from the first game. They're going the way of Sonic and fast (pun intended, but not really). Like, you know, dying again? Having a challenge? Armor doing stuff? Consequences for your actions? As much as I love TLC, it was the first step into this realm of dumbing down the game -- Tear of Avo, weakening the power of the Sword of Aeons and the whole "Yeah, we just kinda threw the whole 'ultimate sword of power' thing out the window! You can buy a stronger sword at a store!'" thing.