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  • Yeah, my high school did 4 classes a day/8 every semester, but my college sounds a lot more like what you're doing now. I'm taking 8 classes and it's considered a ridiculous courseload-- 4 is more reasonable, and the only reason I can do 8 is because a lot of them are fluff. PT and creative writing and so on.

    Yeah, I tried to learn Latin, did okay but lost interest. Never tried Greek, but if I had to guess it'd be a bit harder-- different alphabet and all.
    Wow, you've definitely got that narrowed down. Glad you aren't indecisive or anything.

    Actually, on second thought-- you're still in high school, so never mind.

    The Greek classics are interesting, don't know about learning the language.
    Yeah, I like physics-- it's interesting. But math isn't my strong suit, so I struggle with it. Does that mean that you're interested in studying physics?

    I haven't had high school history recently, but there are some really interesting college history classes-- when you get there, you should probably take advantage of them if you're at all interested. I took a couple classes on the history of the ancient world and a couple on modern military history (not the battles and such-- the underlying, social, economic, and technological aspects of warfare). Pretty cool, though I have no time now.
    Good point. But what I meant was, if you wanted to get involved there are probably fundraisers and events in the UK that you could do.

    I couldn't really tell you, beyond: lots of math and lots of physics. Dynamics, particularly fluid dynamics, is very important, as are materials and use of CAD.

    Could be worse. History is easy, at least from where I'm sitting, getting raped by Calc 2.
    If you're interested in doing something, there's probably a British cancer organization or two. No need to do anything with the US's.

    I go to the University of Maryland, going to be studying aerospace engineering next semester, after I get caught up on math. It's a lot of work, but fun. When I'm not busy failing.

    Sorry, I couldn't tell you. Not one of the things I know. Check Wikipedia? But I didn't think it was ever compulsory, just, ah, "strongly encouraged."
    No problem at all. I'd as soon people ask about her as not-- better to speak her name and remember than to never mention her to anyone. Plus, cancer sucks balls and if I talk to people I can yell at them to go donate to the American Cancer Society or something. [hint, hint, hint www.cancer.org, it's a great cause]

    Pretty good. I'm a college student. Which means my life is consumed by school, work, and as much sleep as I can grab. The college student's motto: CARPE SONNO. Assuming the online translator I found is right about "sonno" meaning sleep, at least.
    Thanks for the good wishes. She had what's called alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of childhood cancer. She died in '04, when she was nine.
    that avatar you have, is it a fable 2 character, if it is can you plz tell me what clothing you used?
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