Fable 1 worth buying ?


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I'd say it's well worth it to pick the game up. Not too long ago it was on sale on Steam for $2.49, and that was TLC. Right now on Steam it's $9.99 which is still an amazing price for such a great game. I played Fable, then Fable TLC, then Fable 2, and then 3, and I still prefer Fable TLC over the rest of the series. Everything about Fable TLC is just great and I really love it. Well worth the cash and time to pick it up.


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Anyone who says "no" here is a nutcase. XD

It's more worthy of your money than the other Fable games combined. And it's 5 times cheaper.


As one who has the original Fable, I can say for sure that it's DEFINITELY worth buying. I got my copy second hand for the princely sum of 45p. :)


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Keep in mind there is TLC and Anniversary to choose from. I personally still play TLC with mods as it doesn't lag. Anniversary is very slow and sticky. That's my recommendation.