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Fable III: Glitch/Error Start Screen Xbox 360... Help?

Discussion in 'Fable III Help' started by Charl Cooper, Apr 25, 2015.

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  1. Charl Cooper

    Charl Cooper New Member

    Hi, I've been playing Fable III for a while now and so far had no major problems, until now.
    Haven't played in a few weeks, but today I decided to log in and it froze. The game ran as normal up until the start menu, where I pressed start to play and it came to the first load screen. It loaded for about 45 seconds and then stopped/froze. I left it for a good 15 minutes and still nothing. I took disc out and cleaned it, and tried to load the game multiple times.
    I researched this problem on the web and it seems pretty common.. Can anyone help me get past this screen??

    Thanks, Charl.
  2. queenofdisco

    queenofdisco Ludna Legendary Hero

    Is your game installed to the HDD? If so, reinstall or try installing for the first time now so the game will run off there instead of the disc itself. Also, is the game fully updated? You could try ensuring your disc-drive is clean and clear of dust, but be careful when trying to clean it. How do your other games run? If they run fine, I doubt it's the laser lens.

    EDIT: I also just thought of another reason it may be doing this: Your most recent save file loads automatically as the game loads up, so it may be that your save file is corrupted. If so, there's no other solution than to delete your save from the HDD and start again.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2015
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  3. Gikoku

    Gikoku is doing Queen. Staff Member

    Yeah I doubt it's a laser lens issue you're having. If it were, you would be having the dreaded disc-read errors and all other sorts of hoopla going on like crashes and long loading times. As Queen mentioned, it's possible it could be a corrupted save file (they're not that uncommon with Fable games).

    We also had a member here in the past that had a similar issue as you where they couldn't load their game/character anymore and managed a fix for it here:

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