Hitchhiker's Guide to the Add-ons.

Bah humbug! Just kidding,but srsly I want to be good in fable...Then I might turn on my people for some idiottic reason. Lol. Also tyrant lord I looked up net slang,and its actually easier to talk now. So many slang terms

Bl00dy Joker

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am i the only one who noticed that the shardborne sword is 99999 microsoft points... or is it just something i'm not understanding?


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I preordered the standard edition from gamestop. All I really wanted from the limited was the new quest and region, I figured their probably not worth an additional 20 dollars. Plus theres surely gonna be some sweet dlc in the future.


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it would kinda suck if they released a dlc down the road allowing everyone to get the new religion and such... sorta throws $20 out the window


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A new religion? You mean region? Well obviously there will be a DLC with a new region in the future, but it probably will not be the same one as Silverpines.


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I have the Collector's add-ons, the free DLC weapons, the Day 1 stuff and a code for a tatoo in the back of my Brady book! Sweet! Haven't found anything in-game allowing me to switch FurFace to a Red Setter yet, though...the hunt continues!

Villager Maker is U/S again, though..no bigs!