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New to Modding Fable?

Discussion in 'Fable Modding' started by OldBoy, May 29, 2007.

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  1. OldBoy

    OldBoy 25,000

    New kid on the block? Or learning how to mod Fable?
    Here are some links to tutorials and information gathered in one post.
    Some of the tutorials are located on this forum, others are external.

    Important notice:
    Projectego.net switched the software that runs their forum, hence a couple of links are dead now.
    No I'm not going to fix that. Too much work.
    But if anyone else is up for it, feel free to pm me.

    DarkONI was so kind to find and replace the dead links, or at least most of them!
    The ones that couldn't be fixed are marked // Unrecoverable Link.

    Lesson 1
    Make backups of your gamefiles!!!
    You don't have to, but I'd recommend to do this when you start messing with them.
    Of course you can always reinstall the game, but that takes a lot more time then replacing the screwed files with the backups.

    Files to backup:

    By default these files can be found in the subfolders in:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Fable - The Lost Chapters\Data

    How to make a backup:
    Click one a file once. Press 'ctrl' and 'c'. Then press 'ctrl' and 'v'.

    # Detailed instructions on making a backup.
    # Making backups with ShadowNet is also very easy, see below for more details.

    Help! I didn't make backups... now my game won't run.
    You can get the gamefiles of your fable disc.
    Read this to find out how. Check the second spoiler.
    # You can also reinstall the game.
    Uninstall Fable, and check if there are any files left behind here:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Fable - The Lost Chapters\ [if you installed to a different directory check there of course]
    If there are any files, delete them before making a fresh install.

    Modding Utilities

    #Vista and Windows 7 users read this!

    ShadowNet is Fable Explorer, but with more capabilities. If this works for you - use it instead of Fable Explorer 4.1
    It has a search function, and a build in backup function. (Richt-click on a file in the top right corner, and select Backup. To restore: right-click and select Restore)
    ShadowNet can also merge multiple fmp's into a single fmp, I used this to make the NewItemPacks.
    It also has the capability to make fmp's with script.bin entries - something that FableExplorer 4.1 can't.
    ->You need .net 3.5, and update your DirectX (and if it doesn't run you might need this.)
    ->Also download the latest def.xml here and put it in the Shadownet folder.

    #Fable Explorer
    Fable Explorer is your basic tool for editing, and using or making mods for Fable.
    It can edit almost all gamefiles Fable uses. You need it to create and load FMP's (Fable Mod Package).
    Info from the wiki here.
    Fable Explorer needs the .net framework 2.0 (you can also use the installer).
    -> Here you'll find a version with a search function - which is still beta, but it works fine for me.

    #Chocolate Box
    ->ChocolateBox User Guide

    #Albion Explorer
    With Albion Explorer you can edit the world of Fable (the levelscripts). Buildings, chest, enemy's etc.
    To use this, you also need the FreeRoam App (see below). Basic help here.
    Albion Explorer needs the .net framework 2.0 (you can also use the installer).

    #FreeRoam App
    This application extracts the FinalAlbion.wad into a bunch of tng's (which contain the levelscripts)
    It can patch it so you lose the normal borders in the game.
    Information on how to use it here.
    FreeRoam instructions for Vista

    #FreeRoam FMP

    This isn't exactly an application, but it can serve as a substitute for the FreeRoam App.
    If you don't want to extract your FinalAlbion.wad or having trouble with the free roam app you can use this.
    You can also still edit tng's with this method.

    Notepad is found on every pc with Windows.
    You can use this text editor for scripting (editing tng files), changing .bncfg files (see #Editing the hero size)
    and changing the FinalAlbion.qst (see #Play Quests again after completion).
    There are alternatives which have a bit more functions such as Notepad++ and EditPadLite.

    #More utilities can be found here.

    Fable modding for XBox
    Some stuff works the same as for PC, other stuff doesn't.
    Can't tell you much more about it, since I havn't done it myself.
    You'll find some info here // Unrecoverable Link and here.
    General information and tutorials on modding your xbox can be found here.

    ->If anyone has links to usefull info on this subject, please post them in this thread.

    Game.bin editing

    Editing the hero

    #Reduce age by upgrading spells

    #Easy Old Age effect removal.

    #Changing the hero's appearance

    #Changing the hero's appearance more advanced (read the whole thread)

    #Easy Scar / Bruise removal.

    #Change the hero's size / remove scars and bruises

    #Change the hero's eye's

    #Increase Weapon Combo Speed

    #Don't get knocked down by explotions

    #Change the hero's punch damage

    #Delete the hero's facial expressions very basic

    #Become invincible very basic

    #Change max age

    #Make the hero walk instead of jog

    Weapon editing

    #Adding Explosions to weapons

    #Adding weapons to inventory guide.

    #Change Weapon Damage Guide.

    #Adding special effects to weapons // Unrecoverable Link

    #Change weapon speed.

    #Change various weapons specs

    #Augmentation editing 1, Augmentation editing 2

    #Creating a new weapon entry

    #Make weapons disappear when you sheathe them


    #About Armour ratings, other method described here, but I'd advice to use the 1st

    #Merging Armour

    #Spawn things via creature drops

    #Camera changing tutorial

    #Creating a new CDef, more info here

    #Resizing Objects, Buildings and Characters // Unrecoverable Link

    #Easy adding clothing and hair guide.

    #Change your default summon

    #Make Jack's mask removable

    #How to change Scariness,Atractiveness,A lignment Modifier

    #Change the Ghost Sword into a creature

    #Create a cutom BRAIN

    #How to change House-prices

    #Change Trader's Price Percentage Charged and ID's of most shops

    TNG Editing (scripting)

    # Custom Cullis Gates

    #JohnDoe's Item and Chest Spawning Guides

    #Spawning Chests

    #Chest Spawning Video

    #Custom Bodyguards and Bodyguard script info, respawn issues discussed here

    #Teleporter scripts (you can find most of the region entrance point UID's here)

    #More info on Teleporters

    #Time based scripting

    #Export & Import tng's with Fable Explorer

    #General scripting information (a bit out of date, but usefull)

    #More general scripting information and templates

    Editing Textures
    To edit textures you need something better then Paint.
    Obviously Photoshop is the standard nowadays,
    but there are some alternatives that are pretty good, and free to use.
    One of my favorites is Paint.net, which sits somewhere between Paint and Photoshop.
    Then there's The Gimp which is very similar to Photoshop in it's capabilities.

    #How to change a texture

    #Changing textures for dummies

    #Creating Alpha enabled textures

    #Custom Bump Maps

    #About MaxTextureLayers

    Editing Models
    First off: Editing models isn't very hard, but an appliction like 3ds Max isn't like Word or even Photoshop.
    It takes a little bit more to learn the basics. So if you want to edit models, prepare to put some time in it.
    But: It is worth it!

    #Modeling tutorial videos for 3ds Max - check it out!

    #Info on model types, and 3ds max importers and exporters // Unrecoverable Link

    #Editing and creating weapons with Blender

    #Editing and creating weapons with Blender 2

    #Skin weighting tutorial for NPC clothing

    #Model Information

    #About MaxTextureLayers

    #Free 3ds Max Alternatives

    #Importers and Exporters

    #texporter for 3ds Max - create a texture for a model

    #texporter tutorial

    #Broken Models aren't broken, about models that won't show up when imported in 3dsMax

    Editing Animations and the CAppearanceDef
    #This is stuff for more advanced modders. If you don't consider yourself one, don't mess with it.

    #It's not possible to create new animations and import them in the game (the graphics.big).

    #However it is possible to add animations from other npc's to the hero, or swap the hero's model and make it use other animations.
    This stuff is handled in the CAppearanceDef, and Silver wrote an application to work with it. You'll also find some instructions there.
    As said above: this isn't easy and I only know of a couple of people who've created mods with the app;
    Silver (Express yourself), Bluetooth (Staff Animations) and Marcopolo (Balverine Transformation mod).

    #Morerunes wrote a little how to


    #Redo quests

    #Disable Quests

    #Yes/No options in Cutscenes

    #Noctus Vista Modding Guide

    #Morerunes' General Modding Guide

    #Nesdude's Modding Guide

    #Creating a mod Package, more info here

    #Creating a new CDef, more info here

    #Demon door script editing

    #Play Quests again after completion

    #Starting cutscene from a signpost very basic

    #Camera changing tutorial

    General Information and Questions

    This wiki contains a lot of info on modding Fable.

    Where Fable modding has it's roots. Please search first, ask questions later...

    General Fable, Fable TLC and Fable 2 website. They have a modding subforum.

    1: Please don't post questions about tutorials or applications here.
    2: If you have suggestions about links to usefull info, post them below, and I'll update the first post.
    3: Credits go to the people who wrote the tutorials and the applications,
    and of course everyone who contributed to them or allowed to make it happen...
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  2. Big_Mac

    Big_Mac Guest

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Nice little FAQ here.
  3. §ephiroxa§

    §ephiroxa§ ╫|I Am Justice|╫ Legendary Hero

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Awesome. :D
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  5. Albion Knight

    Albion Knight Avatar the Old Legendary Hero

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Well done!
    Plus with that reputation stuff :D
  6. Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Hi I was wondering how to make "backups" of my gamefiles (Im a noob as you can probaly gusse).
  7. Albion Knight

    Albion Knight Avatar the Old Legendary Hero

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Create a folder called Fable_Backup in "My Documents" and copy and paste that into that folder.
  8. Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Ok cool. thanks alot
  9. Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Ok cool. thanks alot

    Wait a sec..sorry for bothering again (im REALLY new at this) but what do I copy and paste?
  10. Tsuyu

    Tsuyu is wearing Queen's lace panties. Staff Member

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Everything in the Fable folder, just in case, I'd say.

  11. Re: New to Modding Fable?

    ok thanks alot i think iv got it now.
  12. OldBoy

    OldBoy 25,000

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Small update of first post.

    make that 'large'
  13. Skotekal

    Skotekal Sheeple President Legendary Hero

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Nice FAQ, I could probably use this for future reference, along with the noob modders... +rep
  14. TearOfAvo

    TearOfAvo Guest

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Ok....I'm still as confused as hell
  15. OldBoy

    OldBoy 25,000

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    About what?
  16. §ephiroxa§

    §ephiroxa§ ╫|I Am Justice|╫ Legendary Hero

  17. Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Excellent...I have been using a couple of these for quite some time, it's useful to have all of these links in one spot for the begginning - experienced modder. This should be mandatory reading. It took me awhile to find most of these and having them briefly explained and linked is just Awesome. great job, +rep.:w00t:
  18. OldBoy

    OldBoy 25,000

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Thanks for the heads up! :)

    I keep updating this every now and then with new info...
  19. Re: New to Modding Fable?

    god I need some help.. how do you replace/use bones? is there like a file for it? I can't find it
  20. Dark Drakan

    Dark Drakan Administrator Staff Member Guildmaster Legendary Hero

    Re: New to Modding Fable?

    Below is how Todd got his character to look huge.

  21. Re: New to Modding Fable?

    is there supposed to be a bones file in the upper left box of Fable Explorer?

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