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I've heard a little girl say that, in the school, in Bowerstone.:)


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i think that the queen will be the main villain in fable 2 maybe she will have the knight with her. but i dont think jacks coming back cause the story said the jack killer was the old hero so im guessing the real story was he destroyed the mask. they might be able to bring him back some way but i hope he isnt still alove as the old hero cause i never wanted 2 be jack and i wouldnt want 2 fight my old charector.

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They did say they already had the story written out. So it's not entirely impossible it was something we wouldn't recognize until the TOA came out and told us. lol. And yes I have heard it many a time.


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i thought based on tales of albion that her and knight got killed

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I think i have worked it all out. Theresa says she can see in other worlds, She could be reffering to the void. Afterall her clothes look the same colour as Jack of blade's outfit. She is revealed to be Murgo's supplier, So she must of planned for you to buy the music box, let Lucien build the spire and when he is killed she takes over the spire, Reviving the Knight and maybe Jack. The villian for Fable 3 has not been announced yet so there is a good chance it is the Court Of Blades returning to Albion. The Queen of Blades got defeated by William Black. So that maybe why her eyes are like that. Or it may be a small hint of her return by Lionhead. Also when you travel to Wraithmarsh Theresa tells the story of Oakfield. Let me know what you think :)

I have another Point but its very unlikely. Reaver could be Jack of Blades thats why he destroyed Oakvale and wanted to stay young. But that is very unlikely as Reaver is the hero of skill


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Fable guy, first off: Welcome to the forums! Second off: Reviving old topics, ESPECIALLY ones almost two years old, is called necroposting, and it is hugely frowned upon. In fact, there are some users here who might claw your organs out should they catch you necroposting. For future reference, I've been told that, as a general rule, posting in threads that have been inactive for about two weeks or so is considered necroposting.

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Umm... Hmm. Theresa is the hero of Oakvale's sister, her eyes are cut out by Jack of Blades.


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The Queens of Blades was one of the three beings who came out of the void to Albion. She was joined by The Count and Jack of Blades. The first Archon defeated her with the Sword of Aeons, after defeating the Count and Jack. She was the last and hardest to destroy. I read about them in Tales of Albion. I was going off memory then, I must read them again.


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Jack survived because of his extensive knowlege of magic which allowed his soul to inhabit his mask and survive without archon knowing


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I dont wanna necropost but The Court is made up of the King of Blades, Queen of Blades and Jack. The Archon, who Scythe is assumed to be, killed the King and Queen and Jack has there masks on his chest. Just wanted to clear it up.


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The Queen was the ruler of the Blade Trio. The Knight, the Jack (You know him), and the Queen. The Queen was the most powerful. But she was destroyed by the Archon too; Jack escaped, but his original form shattered.


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Yea I've heard it. It's an easter egg put in by the creators. Little girls will sometimes say "I'm the Queen of Blades", little boys will sometimes say "I want to be Jack!". This happens when their playing around. I've heard rumors that evil guards will say "More powerful than the Void Knight himself", but I've never seen this.