Solution to Importing Fable II save into Fable III


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Basically the previous save file doesn't make any actual difference to the game apart from your mum or dad being the previous king or queen. When they said the previous game will transfer on to your new game, I thought it'd be like mass effect where the import actually effects the new game.

Maybe something they should've thought about was at the end of Fable 2 was the final descision (which was pretty epic):
If you took the money for yourself - You were given some extra money to start in fable 3
If you saved your dog and rose - she should make a small appearence as an old woman or something in f3.
If you saved the population - They should give you lots of gifts etc or should be more easily influenced by your friendship.
Yeah i was quite let down by the lack of importalisation too. I like your ideas.


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^^ Agreed. I spent lots of time, many characters on II, and I would have enjoyed this into this one.


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You must have missed a beat somewhere.
All i have done (and this worked for all of my F3 heros), is start up F2, load the hero you want 'imported', slay a couple of villagers (optional) and then save it. Load up F3, create a new hero and boom!
If this is what you did, it much be another glitch.


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Just so there is no confusion about the matter, Fable III DOES import from your save in Fable II ! :w00t:

Now, the import goes by the LAST SAVE you made in Fable II. You WON'T be able to import from the Main Menu in Fable III, etc. This means you won't get to choose which Fable II Hero will be referenced in Fable III unless you load up your copy of Fable II, select which save you want to be imported, load that up and then simply just save your game and exit. Make sure you HAVEN'T started a new save in Fable III just yet ;)

Your Fable II Hero will then be recognized as being either a King or Queen and what choices he or she made in Fable II will be mentioned to you e.g The Final Choice in Fable II may be mentioned by Walter when you do combat training with him, or you will overhear NPC's talking about them. So far this is all I know that affects your Fable III save.

This is what I have been reading elsewhere btw and I doubt they would have cut the import from Fable II without notifying us. Everyone who has Fable III, or is about to receive their copy shortly, I hope you enjoy the experience ! I still have to wait until Friday >_<

Also, if you have any further problems with the game that either involve having to post spoilers about the story or gameplay then post in the Fable III Help Section :D

Thanks for that!

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Idont think this works on Xbox One i wish it did if it dose please tell me how
Could still be possible I guess, you would have to play Fable II on XB1 through backwards compatibility for it to recognise the save data however. That's the only method I could see working anyway, could be wrong.