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Sister of the hero of Oakvale, she witnessed and suffered from Jack of Blades from early in her
life. She was blinded during Oakvale’s bandit raid, although a bandit lord known as Twinblade
took her in and she learned how to fight and aided the bandit lord during the continuous raids
and wars.

Although her brother, the Hero of Oakvale found her and eventually fought against Twinblade,
later Theresa left the now defeated bandit lord. She could harness the powers within the
bloodline and used them to aid the hero during his adventures in Albion.

However, Jack of Blades abducted her and her mother to sacrifice their blood to summon the
Sword of Aeons. The Hero of Oakvale fought against Jack, ultimately defeating him and his
minions and threw the sword in the cortex.

Theresa left to travel the world for about 500 years - little is known where she has been and
what she mastered. She returned 70 years ago – to pass a message to Lucien Fairfax. Since
then, rumors say that she calls herself the “The Seer of the Spire” after aiding the first king of
Albion to succeed in defeating Lucien Fairfax and to unify the land.

Her life lies in a mystery as her intentions. Many question her true identity and her role in the
major events in the land – some even think of her as a threat. Few witness the blind woman,
but those few are chosen.

Ss x Britain

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Nicely compacted :)
She definitely has been preparing for something.
She commissioned Lucian to build the spire only to have herself take control of it after leading the hero of bowerstone against him. This could only have been he plan all along as the spire increases her prophetic powers.
Then she puts a hero on the throne. And once Logan takes control she guides the Hero Of Brightwall onto the throne. She wants Albion united and prepared for something big.


Rattus Rattus
Well, she could've been preparing for that darkness thing in Fable 3, but that was a wimpy attack and we need a bigger event then that dimpy attack. But really, Theresa is a character Lionhead should never throw away.

Ss x Britain

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And do what? xD
I surpose if she got involved with WWII, she'd give Hitler his wish of Immortallity, make him guildmaster of a bunch of blond hair/blue eyed aryan heroes and lead the world to a new reich? Kill a few hundred thousand Aurorans along the way? That would be a game worth buying ;| i joke of course..


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Well when I posted that what you said wasn't the case as of now though I'd have to agree wholeheartedly.


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Well when I posted that what you said wasn't the case as of now though I'd have to agree wholeheartedly.
True. I haven't been on this forum for a long time, but I didn't think that the inactivity level would be this low when I returned.