Twinblade; To kill, or not to kill?


As much as I would like to spare Twinblade out of respect for his honour, I find that I cannot spare him for the rapes he would have committed against his hostages later in the night.

My question to one and all is do you kill or spare the Bandit King, and for what reason, if any?

Dark Drakan

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I generally spared him as he was defeated in combat and wasn’t really a need to end his life as he was mentally beaten and broken anyway.


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Theresa saved my life, I drank a Skill potion and hunted down every last assassin.


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I almost always kill him. I enjoy solid good playthroughs where my only evils are killing other heroes and other extraordinary figures. I figure in the sequels the reason the hero blood is thin is because someone killed them all, so I'm just fulfilling my own headcanon.


An interesting theory there, VinDiesel. One very much grounded in canonical fact, when considering the fact that the Guild were destroyed by the Albian people due to it becoming corrupt through lack of real threats to fight.