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  1. Dark Drakan

    Microsoft admits"missteps" in its handling of Lionhead Studios

    Microsoft have recently revealed that one of their biggest mistakes was the way in which they handled the closure of Lionhead Studios. The sixth episode of Power On: The Story of Xbox features a short segment dedicated to Lionhead Shannon Loftis, who was General Manager of Global Games...
  2. Quistrix

    FableHero Xbox Club

    To further expand our community slightly, I’ve made us our very own community club on Xbox. Here’s a guide for joining clubs on Xbox.
  3. Quistrix

    Anyone looking for an Ark server?

    A couple of friends and I play Ark: Survival Evolved, and my friend owns her own server. She’s always looking for more people to join us so I thought I’d ask if anyone on here wants to give it a go. We currently play on the Crystal Isles custom map. The server is very laid-back and the settings...
  4. ChickenBlazer


    Who here plays Fable TLC on OG XBOX? I’m new to the page, help me get started in the modding community! I also play it on Steam
  5. Megs

    Live achievements xb360

    In need of help with these live achievements. Looking for the marriage, having a child and business partnership. If anyone if willing that would be amazing I have both male and female heroes
  6. F

    Looking for achievement help

    Hey all. So I recently got back into the game after all these years to wrap up the dlc, but found that I no longer have my old save. I would appreciate any help I can get with the dlc achievements, like the chicken suit for instance. I read that's no longer obtainable through its original means...
  7. Dark Drakan

    Halo Wars 2

    As a big RTS fan im happy to see more coming out recently & this could potentially be the 1st big one on console for quite some time. If it does well im hoping it will show Microsoft that there is life in the genre yet and we could see more coming out in the future. So far it seems Halo Wars 2...
  8. Dark Drakan

    Games with Gold & PSN Plus

    Thought I would make a thread detailing the months free Games on Gold and PSN Plus as next months for Xbox seem some of the best yet. MARCH 2016 APRIL 2016 PSN Free Games March 2016 DEADSTAR JOINING PSN FREE IN APRIL