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  • Hey I know you're busy beating Halo 4 to death with a joystick, and Imma let you finish, but I just started having fun playing Halo: Reach so party me maybe?
    Your .gif signature scares me. This is coming from a person who spends most of his time in the scourge of the internet. /b/ and /gif/. I congratulate you for doing what no other man has done before, make me scared to go to dinner.
    Lol I know but I didn't know where to put him and I he's not very important to me anyway :p
    That it is. I mean, it isn't a "great game" in any aspect at all. It is of quite ****ty quality. It is, however, great fun! Especially with the co-op mode. Problem is that I can only borrow it from a friend and play it a limited time until he wants it back. I can't find a retailer that carries that game anywhere!
    Seeing it in your sig actually inspired me to put it in my own. I love it, especially part 1. Speaking of which, have you seen Religulous?
    Hey mate, I just read a post about you being willing to hand out some gold.
    Are you still up to doing so?
    I just started a new character and can't be bothered with working, etc, hah.
    nice outfit i have highwaymens coat (closed) and gloves noble gents hat explorer boots and pants naked upperbody a goatee and dreadlocks my clothes are all dyed java primary and secondary (i comes out an awesome kinda mettalic brown my fav color really) and my hair is dyed liqued gold im 100% pure and good and am a male plz respond
    Lolz i know but this is a other one. Not the one when you start the game;) But I'll change it
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