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  • Hi mate. Many apologies for keeping you waiting! Let me know if you've definitely, definitely decided on a title and I'll set it up today.
    No can do, pigeon face. I'm about to sign off for the night because I've lost the charger to my laptop and it's about to die. I think Jake ate it :lol:

    My attempt at an early night has failed miserably...I'm going to be shattered tomorrow :lol:
    Hey man, just wanted to let you know to not post in spambot threads. Just report it or leave it alone. =]
    I was on ODST last night but you signed off before I could send an invite. I don't have COD4 anymore, except on PC.
    Wish I could - got to feed one of the moaning children...I think it's Jake, not Steve :p
    Killing time for another thirty minutes on here until I have to go pick Jessica up from her friend's house. And trying to stop Jake from mashing my keyboard with his evil baby hands. Wot u doin?
    sorry m8 you don't have to do it by tuesday.i understand totally man im an idiot for saying that :santa:santa says sorry to he told me to say it :lol:
    Hi mate. I might be online for some Halo 3 later if I can pack the wife and kids off to bed early and if I renew my subscription tonight.

    I haven't made your badge yet so feel free to sleep on it if you like - I won't be starting on 'em until at least tomorrow.
    wive you still not dun my siggy
    ive posted the link and stuff do it by tuesday :( :realmad:
    I've still got Halo 3 if you fancy a bash on that at some point. I haven't done the campaign in ages - it's be cool to get some games in.

    I flogged MW2 'cause it makes me rage though. ^_^
    I was in earlier but it as pretty quiet in there. I might pop in in a bit.
    No worries, man. I'll be making the userbars at the same time (just have to wait for the other bunch to get back to me) but if I don't hear from 'em by tomorrow then I'll get stuck into your badge first thing in the morning.
    Hi mate. I'm definitely on for a sesh on chat tomorrow - I'm just doing the last rounds on the forum before watching the rest of Rush Hour 2. :thumbsup:

    No probs with chat so far then?
    I'll think about the badge; I really don't fancy having to have to make one for every single person. I might make it a treat for people who do something really cool/funny or something. Cheers for for letting me know about Ser Graeme - I'll see if he's still having trouble with the chat.
    It's cool, mate. I know what the problem was now. It was just a conflicting permissions error. I know how to fix it now and I'll be sorting out a few other accounts tomorrow. Do you know of any other people were having any of the same problems - just in case I miss them.
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