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  • Okay, so I just checked the admin control panel and I'm pretty sure your account should be sorted now. As soon as you read this - please try out the chat if you're free.
    I'm gonna temporarily return your account back to the status it was before Angel lay her manky hands on it. Do please check out the chat again and see if it helps - if so, I'll find a way of re-instating your Contributor perks without having to sacrifice on the chat stuff. Do please get back to me and let me know how it goes!
    Not bothering me at all mate. Shaz has mentioned that a few people have been having some problems with the chat. I never expected it to be brilliant to be honest - it only cost a fiver - but I would have liked for it to not gone on the blink quite so fast. I'll be attempting a re-installation tomorrow and I would assume that that might make a difference.

    One quick question that might help me track the problem down: When did Angel change your usergroup (give you the grey username) - part of me is wondering whether the chat has problems with foreign groups.
    Hi mate! Soz, I haven't been online for the past 48 hours. It seems like quite a few people are having trouble with the chat at the moment. I'll see what I can do - there's still one last trick up my sleeve that I'll attempt tomorrow.
    Hmm... that's a strange one... Could you attempt to change your password for me in your User CP/Options page and see if a new password allows you in? You can always change your password back after.
    I don't know why that's happening - I'll ask Steve to take a look and see if it's a problem with chat
    Also, just while I'm trying a few things, try visiting these links and let me know if any of them allow you into the chat:



    Edit: Also, could you see if you can access the chat in Internet Explorer or any other browser please?
    Hi mate! Shaz mentioned the prob earlier and I'm gonna take a look into it now. Try signing in again in about 10 minutes and you should hopefully get in.
    Drunken ninja would be accurate enough, although being a pirate would possibly suit me more being from Ireland and all lol. Ghost Recon eh, never got much into that series of games, actually looks oddly like Master Chief from a distance o_O
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