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    Need demon door help!

    Hey i need someone to help me on the mistpeak demon door. Im not sure if gender affects it but if it does then i need a female to help.
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    The Tomb of the hero of Bowerstone

    Maybe the passage underneath the coffins leads to the chamber of fate. I figure that because its close enough to the chamber and that the hero of bowerstone would of wanted his son/daughter to unlock his/her full potential that he may have made an easy passage to it
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    What do you wish to come back in Fable3 ?

    Actually its kynareths quest and the boots of the crusader to actaully give you "woodland grace" so no beasts will attack you. Be careful as monsters still will. Anyway back on topic i think they should have more about families. You know like in fable 1 you just saw a black screen when you had a...
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    The one thing I havent heard about....

    The reference is from a stephen king novel called "The body" in Different seasons. This was later adapted into a film called "Stand by me". Anyway i think the dog should be more involved in your interaction like if you get a cute but weak dog people will like you more but you could get a strong...
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    Follow Me?

    Re: Follow Me? Darn. Well ill start with the smartest first and hope the dimmer ones do catch on until its too late
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    Follow Me?

    Re: Follow Me? If they remove the follow function ill drag them to a pit of lava and throw them in
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    Re: Adoption Ill bet you rep+rep
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    Fable 3 Morphing

    Re: Fable 3 Morphing I dont think youll have progressed enough for plastic surgery and magic is rare so probably contacts
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    Fable 3 Morphing

    Re: Fable 3 Morphing Wouldnt pouring dye into you eyes be a "tad" painful? If it isnt ill have rainbow eyes
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    Re: Adoption I think itll probably be gained on the road to rule near the end as you might be too busy near the start
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    Re: Abortion Really its up to the parents about whever having abortions or not. Some of you (not mentioning names) should be a bit more forgiving of people and not go on about how its there fault and how its stupid
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    will we actually see our laws in action?

    Re: will we actually see our laws in action? Ill just make a law that everyone has to speak once a day but if you speak i execute you using paper(papercutting to death)
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    Rose in Fable 3?

    Re: Rose in Fable 3? they might add scythe again to help with your quest which would probably mean rose too because last time you hear from her shes with him
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    fable 3 castle

    Re: fable 3 castle apparently at first itll be awful but your family will try to persaude you to spend money and fix it. so probably by the time youve got all the upgrades itll be amazing
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    Sibling rivalry.

    Re: Sibling rivalry. Maybe someone else caused logan to be awful like an advisor and made him kill his father. It could also be someone secretly controlling logan but when you kill the one controllig logan gives you the throne and helps you.