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    The major problems with Fable 3 and what Fable 4 needs to fix

    i have to admit that fable 2 had a better clothes choice compared to fable 3,the only decent outfit i cloth my character with is the kilt,i think she looks great
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    Glitch in your Game? this is the post where i have now found is a glitch
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    convict on the run problem

    well there is a glitch in the game,this happens on all of the convict on the run areas,i have managed to sort it out but if it happens look for a male and when you get close all you will see is LT ,you cannot do anything else with him,as soon as you press LT he will put his hands up and you can...
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    cant hold hands,relationship quest

    well i got it sorted,i changed his clothes and it worked
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    cant hold hands,relationship quest

    im doing a relationship quest to go on a date,i can hold hands with everyone except for the person i want to go on a date with,i have tried shutting the xbox down,do other quests but it is the same,any help would be appreciated
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    convict on the run problem

    i do have the 2 dlc packs,i have reloaded the game several times and it is the same,in bowerstone market there is no trail at all and very few people around so i can say safetly that there is no one to "arrest"
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    convict on the run problem

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    convict on the run problem

    i have a problem in that in 3 places doing convict on the run (millfields,bowerstone market andbrightwall village) and there is no trail to lead you to the criminal,it started with the bowerstone market one now it is on 3,non of the quests are showing in the quest list but it does keep flashing...
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    xbox360 vs pc comparison

    is there any advantages on playing fable3 on the pc over the xbox360? is the graphics any better and is there any differences in the game play?
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    "Funded Albion army" ?

    yes your money did go to fund the army,your funds should have saved 1 person per 1 gold,so 5 million gold should have saved 5 million people with 1.5 million people disappearing
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    save game problem

    my game plays with no problems till i get to a save game situation,sometimes the game will freeze and the only way to clear it is to switch the xbox off,i have noticed that when in brightwall village there is a lot more people than normal and most of them have gift icons above their heads,this...
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    bad quest question

    could i take the intended target to an area that has some badits/balverines and let them do the job? or is it a case that you must do the killing yourself?
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    bad quest question

    i only have 3 quests on my quest list,and they are all bad ones,is there anyway to do these in a good way? as my character is all good
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    i married elliot before i became queen and im still married to him,he is alive and well
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    Where can i get a Pure Experience Extract

    you can get it from a seller in fairfax gardens,when i went to the shop in bowerstone market they did not have it but the potion seller in fairfax gardens did