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hi, need help. ive opened all the demon doors. but did this before i went on line. do i have to do it again on another file or is there something else i could do.


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Caboose;224230 said:
Max Renown is about 50k of renown but the max amount of people you need is around 6 or 7 can't really remember but when you are recruiting Followers once you reach the limit it will say "this is the Max amount of people you can have following you" but if you don't have the max amount of Renown needed for this then it will give you a message about needing more renown for more people to follow you..

Hope that helped a bit and i will try and find out the exact amount of people you need to unlock it.
The max number of people you need for the Wraithmarsh door to open is 10. To get to the Demon door, just teleport to Brightwood tower with 10 people, then use the cullis gate on the tower to get to the beginning of Wraithmarsh. Walk down the trail and turn LEFT, I think. There should be a trail leading right to the door. There will be wisps that are going to summon hollow men as soon as you get there, just ignore the noises and run towards the demon door, the people should always follow you straight to the door.