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I hope someone, SaintofAlbion, will be willing to help. I LOVE FABLE 2 and want to finally get the one achievement I am missing, "The Dollcatcher"


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Just something to say, if you want me to help you with the "Dollcatcher" achievement, you should first send me a friend request, stating you are responding from this thread.


And what an impression you've made. :D
Hiya. I am willing to trade Garth Dolls (currently have 2), gold, and maybe weapons for a Hammer, Lucian, Reaver, and Hero doll. :3


I have all 6 dolls, if anybody wants to borrow them, send me a friend request (Gamertag: Metacarpi UG), and a message saying you're from these forums, and I'll meet you upstairs in the Cow and Corset in Bowerstone Market.


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I now have a method that takes merely seconds to achieve the Dollcatcher, and avoids the strenuous hassle of trading them back and forth. My GT is in my signature, and once again this method is, Free of charge, of course!


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Hey everyone! I was wondering if there was still anyone that would be willing to let me borrow the dolls so that I can get the achievement. My GT is jagoode27. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Bryan Guthrie

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I have Lucien dolls (7 total from the shooting range) that I am willing to trade. I am only interested in doll for doll trades to get the achievement. I need Hammer, Garth, Theresa, and Reaver dolls. Please send me a message in game, saying you found out about me from this forum. Thanks!

GT : Teh Guth

Dark Echo

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Hello everyone,

I would love to have the following dolls:
- Lucien
- Theresa
- Hammer
- Reaver

I am able to trade:
1x Hero Doll
5x Garth Doll

My Gamertag is: DarkEchoxXx


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I'm looking for a Reaver doll.

I have a Theresa doll to trade, as well as some gold.
Add me if you're interested in a trade! Xbox gamertag is "arcadesmaid" (note the s)