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Hello, i am new to the Fable game. I am currently trying to get the doll achievement and having some problems getting the Lucien and Hammer Doll. I have plenty of Garth dolls (the one im getting from the shooting range), about 5-7 Rising Sun weapons (glitch, i receive one every time i visit the temple of light) If someone could help me i would greatly appreciate it - just let me know what you would like in return. Thanks


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Currently i'm missing Garth, Reaver dolls. if anyone would want to trade for Theresa or anything else or be so kind as to give em to me :), that'd be much appreciated. my gamertag is: Niklas Berglund

Undead Jezu5

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Hello. I need to trade dolls, i have terresa. But i still have to trade for all of the others. If you can message me to trade that would be awesome!! My gamer tag is Undead Jezu5


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I have Theresa and a Garth Doll to trade. I will give them for a Chicken Suit or if you can unlock the Fowl Player Achievement i will give them away. If you already have a chicken suit in your game you can buy another so its not that big of a deal. I just want this last achievement.


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i have two hammer dolls and im willing to trade one for a hero doll of the actual hero or if someone needs a specific lengendary weapon i may be able to let it go for this.


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Hey I've got Garth and Hero dolls to trade, I need either a Lucien and Hammer doll on one hero or a Hammer and Reaver doll on another. I can also trade a chicken suit for dolls too.

My GT: Hobojojobobo. Message me on that and I'll try and sort something out.