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  • **** sorry dude, I didn't see what you wrote there until now.

    Feel free to ask, I'm not guaranteeing that I'll be able to give you a perfect answer.

    That is, if you haven't resolved the problem already.
    I loaded up the .fmp and I'm gonna fiddle with it and tell you if it is successful, then I'll tell you how.
    Did you rip it straight from WoW? I'm pretty new to this modeling stuff, but I might be able to help you.
    you are welcome. to go on projectego or be a member od projectego is about fable and helping others that needed it and you will get the help you want when you have to be helped.
    This is how to use mergable big files. I got this from someone else's post, not sure who.
    basically, make your changes to textures.big, and instead of going to file>>create fable mod package, you right click on textures.big at the top and click save changes as big
    then, later, you just right click textures.big and click merge big, and choose the saved big
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