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  • Hey Gunman can you PM a vote for who you think the murderer is for Whodunnit? Scarecrow isn't coming on and we need a vote to determine who will be killed.
    i can try it again sometime because i just got a new computer maybe it works on this one
    Nope. And stay away from random comments that have little to do with anything. That helps a lot.
    By being nice, staying on topic most of the time, and basically what everyone else does that you haven't been doing.
    It's easy Gunman. Just post things that pertain to the topic and don't take other people's rude or offensive comments to heart.
    I sent it off to an art show.

    The guys in white came to give me my prize.

    They took me away. I never saw the light of day again.


    brb moar wafers
    Once, I drew a stick man. It was life size, and I gauged the eyes of it out. It rained blood on it too, I then put on some knives. Inside your stomach.

    I called the painting: "Gunman On Saturday"
    Aren't you just having so much fun talking about your inevitable sticky end?!? I sure am!!! =3
    By the way, I'm watching you. I can see you. I'm waiting for the right moment. Waiting. Waiting.

    All of this could be a diversion. You'll never know until it's too late. :)
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